Ecuador: Urgentes cambios en la estrategia opositora!

A pesar de la ligera ventaja que hoy se observa en los resultados estadísticos (encuestas) a favor de Guillermo Lasso, La campaña electoral por la 2da vuelta de este 2 de abril, podría tomar en las próximas 3 semanas un giro inesperado e indeseable

Quito and the hidden treasures

The Ecuador capital is full of curiosities and treasures: a covered church gold leaf inside, volcanic landscapes and streets steeped in tradition, which surprise visitors to this city, declared a World Heritage Site.

Ecuador: Avances en democracia paritaria

El Presidente del Consejo Nacional Electoral (CNE) de Ecuador, Juan Pablo Pozo, destacó los avances en Suramérica en el camino de fortalecer la democracia paritaria.

Ecuador earthquake

Ecuador's President Rafael Correa has warned that the death toll from a powerful earthquake which has killed 272 people is likely to rise.

An edifice in search of a function

AT MITAD DEL MUNDO a park in an Andean valley outside Quito, Ecuador’s capital, a stone monument marks the line of the equator. Just a couple of hundred metres to the south rises the headquarters of the South American Union, or Unasur, opened last year. But it takes more than a building

Ecuador attempts to plug the brain drain

Ecuador, since 2010, has been funding its ‘best and brightest’ to study at the world’s top universities for free. The only catch: for every one year of study paid under the scholarship program, the candidate must return and work two in Ecuador.

Ecuador, Argentina and the at-risk inter-American system

In 2012 Ecuador and Argentina—along with Bolivia and Venezuela—led an effort to gut the prestigious Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR). Three years later, at the 45th General Assembly meeting in Washington, DC this June, representatives from both Ecuador and Argentina were elected to the Inter-American Court of Human Rights

Pope Francis stars South America trip in Ecuador

Hundreds of thousands of people are gathering in the Ecuadorean city of Guayaquil to see Pope Francis celebrate Mass. Francis brings his message of a church in transformation to a heavily Catholic region, and is expected to address the themes he wrote about in his encyclical on the environment.

Rafael Correa’s War on Free Speech

Purported People's President Won't Tolerate the Slightest Dissent, The eagerness to prosecute people, for expressing a dissenting view of the president, is bad enough on its own, but it is just the start when it comes to Correa.

How Ecuador is Reducing Poverty by Conserving Native Forests

The A´I Cofán people are among those benefitting from Ecuador’s Socio Bosque program. Since they are now compensated for conserving the rainforest, the A´I Cofán are able to enjoy modern convenience while holding on to their cultural heritage