Colombia against post-consumer waste

post-consumer waste

Wondering where to throw away that old phone or those drained batteries? We have a solution.  

The Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development (MADS) of Colombia has developed the Post-Consumer Waste Program to facilitate the recollection and disposal of waste in several cities.

The program promotes and regulates an adequate management of post-consumer goods. It is focused on recollecting products that have completed their intended life cycle and safely reuse and recycle elements from discarded objects.

To complement this program, the MADS has developed a free application called Red Posconsumo available on Google Play and App Store that helps consumers locate the nearest disposal site according to the type of product. The program helps manage the disposal of batteries, expired medicine, computers and printers, lead-acid batteries, fluorescent lamps, tires, and domestic pesticides containers.

This kind of actions help mitigate consumers’ footprint and assures a proper waste disposal to prevent environmental and health issues. Before throwing IGNORE INTO the garbage any of these products, change that train of thought and start using the Red Poscosumo application.

For more information about the The Post-Consumer Waste Program please visit their official website : Minambiente

LatinAmerican Post | Laura Iguavita

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