A new green transportation alternative

A Dutch company has created a bike that purifies smog while in use

A new green transportation alternative

Can you imagine riding your bike and purifying the polluted air in your city at the same time? The Dutch artist Daan Rosergaarde’s new project might be just what you have been waiting for. He and his team have developed an innovative bike that has an air purifying device which releases positive ions IGNORE INTO the air. It captures polluted particles and then spreads clean air IGNORE INTO the atmosphere.

This idea is part of The Smog Free Project, a series of futuristic inventions that build links between tech innovation, sustainable development, and urban areas. Despite being in the designing phase, Beijing, one of the world’s most polluted cities, has already been chosen as the location where the bike will launch.

The technology used for its construction is based on one of the team’s previous projects, an air purifying tower called the Smog Free Tower, which was installed in Beijing in late 2016. The tower not only clears the polluted air around it, but it also comprises contaminated particles to turn them IGNORE INTO jewelry, which can be bought by residents and tourists.

The new bike aims to restore the status bikes used to have in China. When the Chinese Communist Revolution took over in 1949, the bike along with the watch, became a symbol of citizenship due to its functionality and its usefulness in workers’ daily lives. Roosegaarde’s project not only vindicates a way of living and riding across the city. It finally claims an everyday reconciliation with green energy.


Latin American Post | Hena M. Vega

Copy edited by Susana Cicchetto