Mexico City: which are the coolest themed restaurants?

Whether you like Harry Potter, superheroes, or travelling around the world, there is something in this list for you

Mexico City: what are the coolest themed restaurants?

Mexican gastronomy is characterized mainly by the taste of its dishes and the culinary art, but many times we don't know where to go. Nowadays people not only enjoy a good meal but an environment that goes according to the tastes beyond the food they eat every day.

Currently the film adn show industries have been responsible of providing an alternate reality in which we can be superheroes, villains, we fall in love, may have magic, be a vampir. These industries have accomplished this by opening several restaurants in Mexico City that have transformed IGNORE INTO places that stay within some kind of theme.

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The most visited restaurants today is Harry Potter themed. JK Rowling's saga is a part of many people's lives: there are museums, and theme parks, but the restaurants are the ones that win the competition. The most famous in the city is "The Inn of the 3 magicians" located in Delegation Benito Juárez, where you can find from butter beers to polyjuice potion to drink, as well as exotic foods. You can watch on screen one of the films of the saga. The next of the same theme is the "Incantatum" coffee shop, located in Tacubaya. There, for only 60 pesos, less than 10 dollars, you can enjoy a rich coffee and dessert of your liking and the decoration of the magic world of Potter.

Superhero-themed restaurants and video games are equally famous in the center. "Comicx" is the most recognized in the city and located in the commercial center and suburban train station Buenavista Forum. The restaurant is full of superheroes like Batman, Spiderman, Ironman, Superman, and the food and drinks have special names that will make you feel like you are inside of your favorite movies. Another equally famous is "Sky Rocket Pizza", that will make you feel in the galactic space thanks to its decoration. The specialty of the house is pizza in any presentation.

There is another type of famous theme in the city and the favorite is the one that takes you to live in another era such as the theme restaurant "Be Bops Diner" that will take you to live in the 50's. Drinks, meals as well as the presentation of the waiters in typical clothing of the decade, images of Elvis Presley, antique cars, and Marilyn Monroe, are among other things that set the place, located in North Rome in Cuauhtemoc Delegation.

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If you like to travel, the place to go is "Agapi Mu", located near the Hippodrome Condesa. It is a specialist in this, mainly because their Greek food is prepared. Also, the place is adapted and structured as if you really were in a restaurant in Greece, with chairs, tables, decor, paintings, sculptures that really move you to another part of the world.

Themed restaurants make you spend time with your partner, friends, family in an entertaining and unparalleled way because if you are a fan of any of the above or just want to get out of a rut, they are the perfect choice for an afternoon, evening or tomorrow unforgettable in the city.


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