Meditation: the perfect way to reduce stress

Meditation exercises can improve wellness and work performance

Meditation: the perfect way to reduce stress

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Nowadays, stress is considered to be one of the most common problems in society. For this reason, learning how to control and reduce tension has become vital. One of the most well-known and efficient ways is to meditate. The World Health Organization also recognizes that said exercise is beneficial as a way to improve one’s physical and mental being.

Angelica Soler, the owner of Neutra Bienestar, a wellness center specialized in Yoga and Meditation in Bogotá, Colombia, explained that said exercise could be used as a therapeutic tool. "Stress can cause back pain, arm and neck discomfort, among many others", assured Soler.

To meditate, it is not necessary to get yourself IGNORE INTO strange positions that may look too complex to try. The act itself goes beyond the physical act to the point that understanding your stress patterns and controlling your emotions will be a breeze.

Soler explained that with meditation and yoga one can move towards "unconditional love, self-esteem, and the concept of ‘who am I’. Through meditation and being self-aware, people can understand which patterns are harmful and, with time, they’ll lose strength".

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According to the WOH, "work stress affects negatively the psychological and physical health of the workers, and the efficiency of the organizations". Soler explained that meditation can be very efficient in these cases. She teaches said practice in companies to teach workers to use breathing exercises and meditation to avoid anxiety in labor situations.

"Stress, itself, is not bad. But, most people don’t know how to react in stressful situations that are very common. The idea is to learn how to manage these types of situations", assured Angelica.


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