Poor quality of colored contact lenses can cause sight loss

During Halloween, people use colored contact lenses unknowing of the health risks

Poor quality of colored contact lenses can cause sight loss

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Halloween is just around the corner. People are preparing their costumes for the parties they plan on attending. Contact lenses are usually a vital part of various attires. However, there is a high risk of sight loss when wearing said accessories, especially if they are of poor quality.

An incorrect use of contact lenses can cause scratches to the eyes, impaired vision, and even sight loss.

Buying them from the Internet or at a market stall can be risky. Due to the unknown quality of the lenses, they can give eye infections that can lead to impaired vision and even sight loss. It is also vital not to share them, avoid placing them in tap water, and wearing them overnight as this may cause more harm to the individual.

Severe keratitis may produce ulceration that can make a hole in the cornea. The only solution is to obtain a cornea transplant

The keratitis can cause eye redness, the feeling of a foreign object within the eye, blurry vision, tearing and even physical pain. In severe cases, it can produce pus in the anterior chamber of the eye. Ulceration is also common; it can cause various holes in the cornea.

According to the BBC, the doctors over at Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Foundation Trust in London see an increasing number of emergency lens-related cases during Halloween.

These type of contact lenses are available on the Internet for $20 US dollars and they are even cheaper, and maybe riskier, in many Halloween shops.

The Barraquer Optical Institute recommends not to share them with other people, constantly cleaning the lenses with the recommended solution, avoid wearing them the whole night, and avoid contact with tap water. Experts also recommend buying them from opticians or licensed doctors who are qualified enough to provide helpful insights.  

60% of individuals who wear contact lenses keep them on longer than the recommended timeframe.

In many countries, like the United States and the United Kingdom, he sale of contact lenses are regulated by the Government and only specialists are allowed to sell them.

According to the USA Immigration and Customs Enforcement, around 11% of consumers wear decorative contacts, most of which are purchased without a prescription. Nearly 60% of individuals who wear contact lenses keep them in their eyes longer than the recommended timeframe.


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