Nutrition: prevent diabetes with food that tastes good

These delicious foods will keep you satisfied while taking care of your body and giving you the nutrients you need

Nutrition: prevent diabetes with food that tastes good

Chronic degenerative diseases are the ones that frighten society worldwide today. Illnesses like cancer, HIV AIDS, or some that are believed to be worse than diabetes, but what is not known is that in the end they are not, and all three can lead to death. Diabetes can also cause loss of some of the members of your body, obesity or having to resort to daily insulin injections.

That is why in this article we will discuss which foods can decrease the probability of becoming diabetic. The first things that should be left aside are fats and refined flours, and sugars in excess which are contained mainly in processed foods or fast food. This means that you should avoid hamburgers, soft drinks, sweets, desserts with high sugar content, alcohol combined with some kind of sugary drink, processed juices, and pastries

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The foods that are welcome and which will help you to prevent type 2 diabetes according to Informe21.com among other websites about health and wellness are:

  • Apples: their high content of quercetin and fiber helps to improve metabolism, and to burn carbohydrates more quickly and naturally.
  • Cinnamon: reduces blood sugar levels by converting it into energy instead of stagnating it as other harmful foods do.
  • Citrus Fruits: for the antioxidants that are needed and for having Vitamin C, which is essential for the candidate to said disease.
  • Fresh water fish: omega 3 is what turns the fresh water fish into the best friend of tyour health because it lowers cholesterol and triglycerides, thanks to the favorable fatty acids and vitamin E in it.
  • Fiber: because it makes the feces have a favorable volume and that its route through our digestive tract is easy at the moment of expelling.
  • Legumes: thanks to the fact that they are low in fat and calories as well as an inexhaustible source of proteins for the body.
  • Green vegetables: the main one is for the proper functioning of the stomach, but at the same time they help us to improve the vision and concentration that sometimes is what a diabetic can suffer the most
  • Chocolate with high percentage of pure cocoa: suitable for cardiovascular problems, increases the sensitivity of cells to insulin and significantly reduces the risk of short and long-term diabetes.
  • Meat in small portions: meat should not be completely cut out of your diet because it is rich in iron, vitamins and B complex and proteins that help the body to feel better.
  • Vinegar: it helps blood flow without obstacles, the colon detoxifies, the levels of triglycerides and cholesterol go down and it also helps to decrease blood pressure. Two tablespoons of this ingredient daily will make you feel much better.

It is not just about doing it and that one is on the verge of suffering from the disease. The important thing is to stay healthy with exercise and varied diet throughout our lives.


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