France puts an end to the exploitation of fossil fuels. Will it be a global impact?

Climate change is a problem that affects the whole world. Renewable energies, environmental care, the reduction of the carbon footprint and the winter effect must be a fundamental proposal of each nation.

France has become the pioneer in taking a main decision against fossil fuels: ending the national production of oil, gas, coal, and other fossil fuels by 2040 as the deadline.

To fulfill the promise of President Emmanuel Macron, the bill provides for the prohibition of new prospecting permits for hydrocarbons, liquids or gases, even at sea. France will not give new authorizations for coal.

The new French law will prevent not only traditional extraction, but also fracking. France thus takes a necessary step. Actually, if were emulated across Europe, the actual impact would be very low, since most of the oil is extracted in the Arab countries, the Persian Gulf and the United States.

France will not renew the exploitation permits. In meanwhile, France prohibits the extraction of unconventional hydrocarbons such as shale gas, whatever the method used.

However, France, much to the dismay of environmental NGOs, adopted two derogations: production may continue after 2040 if the industrialist who holds a permit has not covered his expenses with respect to his previous prospections; and the exploitation of sulfur in the Lacq basin in the southwest continues.

According to The World FactBook, Russia occupies the first place in production of barrels of crude with 10,550,000 barrels / day, followed by Saudi Arabia with 10,460,000 barrels / day and the United States with 8,853,000 barrels per day. While France occupies the 74th place with 16,420 barrels / day, which has a very low impact in the fight against climate change.

In Latin America, the most productive country is Brazil. Brazil in the position number 10; followed by Venezuela and Mexico in positions 11 and 12, respectively, ranks Brazil number 10. Colombia is in the 22nd place, Ecuador in the 27th, and Argentina in the 28th place, who hold a high production.

As long as, according to this same portal, France ranks 70th in the annual production of natural gas, likewise does not excel in the production of coal. Therefore, that France has decided to end national production represents more than anything a gesture does.

While, the industry and the automotive sector does not dispense with fossil energy, the impact on global warming will continue to be enormous. In any case, the news supposes a great advance when coming from a world power with great influence. This news could lead to an initiative. Whether, the big producers can replicate the purpose and favored of the oil industry.