2018: What are the most striking football uniforms?

According to John Galliano “the joy of dressing is an art” and a proof of this are the curious and controversial sportswear for the season

2018: What are the most striking football uniforms?

2018 comes with great innovations in most companies. In the sports industry, different teams are constantly improving their elements as technology advances. The improvements usually aim to obtain a better performance during competitions; however, there are teams that go a little beyond the technological and sporting aspects. Different clubs become trendy because of the design of their uniforms that stand out for being flashy and unconventional.

Fortaleza CEIF

In recent days, Fortaleza CEIF, football club of the Colombian second division tournament, was a trend in social networks after it presented its new uniforms. The club used a millennial theme in the print of its shirt: emoticons of the reactions of Facebook, as well as symbols of Twitter and Instagram.

The design corresponds to the great work that its community manager has done with the social networks of the team. Despite being one of the "little" of Colombian football, the team has virtually made fun of all other teams, regardless of the results of the team are not the best.

Egyptian national team

While Fortaleza CEIF's uniform is flashy and unexpected, it is not the only club that has a curious uniform for this 2018. Mohammed Salah, Liverpool's winger, is at an excellent level. Thanks to this, Egypt – his origin the soccer team- has achieved a place at the World Cup in Russia 2018 and its clothing has also been a trend in social networks. The third uniform of the Egyptian team comes in yellow and gray along with a large pyramid on the shirt and several stamped hieroglyphics. In fact, this uniform looks quite impressive for any opponent who has to face Salah and his teammates if they decide to play with their third uniform.

Club América de México, All Stars, and Liverpool

At the beginning of the season, the shirt of the Club America of Mexico caused controversy, since its fans did not like it. The displeasure occurred despite the fact that the English newspaper 'The Telegraph' considered it as one of the most beautiful with a reminiscent style of the shirt of the national team of 1990.

Another very striking sportswear was the one that presented the selection of All Stars of MSL that faced Real Madrid recently. The blue color background with white stars covering a part of the shirt has a double meaning; on the one hand, the stars are of great value to the Americans because they represent the national flag. On the other hand, the allusion makes reference to the best MSL players who earn the right to wear said uniform.

To finish, the cherry on the cake is what Liverpool would be preparing for its shirt of the 2018-2019 season. The team would be planning to pay tribute to The Beatles, with the iconic quartet image of Paul McCartney, John Lenon, George Michaels, and Ringo Starr crossing the mythical street of Abbey Road. However, we will have to wait until the next season begins to see if this prediction is fulfilled. For now, the fans must enjoy the next World Cup.


Latin American Post | Juan Vicente Reyes
Translated from “2018: ¿Cuáles son los uniformes de fútbol más llamativos?”

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