5 reasons why you are always tired

Are you exhausted all the time despite how much sleep you get?

5 reasons why you are always tired

Manifesting itself as physical weariness and/or mental exhaustion, fatigue is generally described as feelings of low energy and motivation, weakness in the body, and an inability to concentrate. 

Here are 5 reasons of why you feel exhausted all the time:

1. You need to drink more water: Dehydration is making you sick in more than one way. Lack of water slows everything in the body down, including cell function, leaving you feeling sleepy and tired. The blood volume drops, which makes the heart work harder. Adequate hydration is dependent on many different factors, such as your size, activity levels and sweat rate. The best indicator of your hydration is your urine. Someone who is well-hydrated will produce clear or light-colored urine. Dark-colored urine is a sign of dehydration.

2. Skipping breakfast: It’s dubbed the most important meal of the day and with good reason; eating breakfast every day has been proven again and again to have significant benefits for the body and the mind. Not eating breakfast, though, has been linked to high blood pressure, weight gain, coronary heart disease, reduced cognitive performance, and low mood. 

3. You need to clean your home: Remove as many little messes from your life as possible. By cleaning your life up, you will clear your cluttered mind, according to research. These will be things such as clearing out your closets of all the clothes you haven’t worn for two years, shredding all the statements and paperwork you don’t need anymore, and removing the clutter from your kitchen and bathroom cabinets. Eliminating these distractions and messes from your life is like untangling a knot inside of you.

4. You have a sugary diet: Dubbed the new silent killer, the sweet stuff affects us on a much greater scale than merely a larger waistline. You may already know that consuming excessive amounts of sugar isn’t good for you, but the extent of the damage it wreaks is really quite shocking. From cardiovascular disease, organ damage, hormone imbalance, tooth decay, and obesity, a diet high in added sugars also plays an important role in physical and mental exhaustion.

5. You may have a thyroid problem: Fatigue is a very important sign of low thyroid. Since hyperthyroidism increases your metabolism, many individuals initially have a lot of energy, according to the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists. However, as the hyperthyroidism continues, the body tends to break down, so being tired is very common. If you are constantly tired after sleeping enough hours and not doing a strenuous activity, check your thyroid gland.


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