Colombia will run for its forests

The green run will be held on February 18 and April 15 in Bogota and Medellin, respectively

Colombia will run for its forests

Professional runers, amateurs and lovers of nature have a date with the planet. The race is organized by the Natura Foundation and by each participating institution will plant 3 trees of native species in reserves. It is expected that about 8,000 runners (5,000 in the Colombian capital and 3000 in Medellín) will take part in the event.

The capital will run on Sunday 18 February, while paisas will do so on April 15. The start of the race will be in the in the Plaza of Events of the famous Metropolitan Simón Bolívar Park, while in Medellin will be at the Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana.

Those interested in participating can register circuits depending on your physical abilities and intentions. The most experienced enroll paying 75,000 pesos (about USD $ 26) and can run in the 10k. The most amateur looking to participate with the intent to support environmental causes, they can pay 55,000 pesos (about USD $ 19) and run into the category of 3 kilometers.

According to the Natura Foundation in this race "participants compete for more than a medal, the goal is the conservation and restoration of Colombian forests, home life, represented in thousands of species of flora and fauna".

The foundation hopes to plant 24 thousand trees, whether in the areas of conservation in perpetuity of the Natura Foundation or places determined by the mayor of Medellin.

With the event this year, the green race takes 4 editions in Bogota, while Medellin will participate for the second time. This race features the "Green Gold Race" Council for certification to Responsible Sport, making it one of the few races with this recognition in Latin America. This means that this race is sustainable and responsibly is committed to reducing the environmental impact and provides social benefits to their region.

Other sporting events that are certified are the Bank of America Chicago Marathon in the United States; the SuisseGas Milano Marathon in Italy; Marathon Mexico City, among others.

Green career also get this certification since it reuses and recycles the material used in previous events and during the race and regales participants elements that help create environmental awareness.

For people who are interested in participating in the green race, you can enter the website of the race and register. Enrollees can collect their competition elements 16 and 17 February (for the race Bogotá) in the Compensate Avenue 68 - Grand Auditorium. The kit contains an official shirt of the event, the competition number, gifts that give the event sponsors and chip technology competition Bib Tag (only for 10k competitors).

This year the Natura Foundation expects to complete the 108 thousand trees in the 4 years the race has taken place.


Latin American Post | Santiago Gómez Hernández

Translated from " Colombia correrá por sus bosques"

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