4 apps students should know

In the following list, you will discover alternatives to make school or college easier

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Mobile devices such as cellphones and tablets have become a tool beyond social life. For instance, nowadays, it is possible to find different apps that offer to make people live easier. They go from health to financial tools, which monitor and give advices to their users.


Furthermore, everyone knows school/college life is complicated. If you are student, you are probably looking for options that facilitate your educational process. Thus, considering we are normally using and carrying our phones and tablets, educational apps can be alternatives to review, improve abilities such as writing, organizing schedules, among others.


Here, you will find 4 apps that will help you through school or college.


Gradeproof: If you want to check, improve, and correct your text documents this is the perfect app. To use it, you can download the app from Itunes or you can use it in your computer. Once in the app or the website, you have to create an account and start uploading your documents. There are four ways to do it: 1. Copy and paste the document into a new blank document in the platform.

2. Upload the document from your computer.

3. You can import the document from Dropbox

4. You can use Google Docs.

The app will check in the text grammatical issues, word choice, style, among others, and it will explain you the correction the platform is suggesting. Additionally, the app has a plagiarism button that proves text originality.


Brainscape: This app is available for Itunes and Android. According to its page, the app wants to change the infective way of learning. The Brainscape team –which includes scientists, engineers, experience designers, and educators- has developed a scientifically proven adaptive flashcards algorithm that repeats concepts to optimize the learning process. You can both create and find flashcards about different topics such as university entrance exams, foreign languages, law, science, among others. With this app, you will be able to review for every test you have.


Khan Academy: part of the process of learning consists on acquiring new knowledge. However, sometimes knowledge is not available for free nor does it make part of the syllabus. For that reason, Khan Academy has set up an online page for students, teachers, and parents to have access to different kind of subjects and topics like math, science, technology, finances, etc. The app is also available for Android and IOS.   


Duolingo: Learning a second language or a foreign language can be a difficult and boring process. However, learning a language with Duolingo is a fun and attractive process. For every correct answer, competing against the clock, and move on to the next level you receive points. This means every lesson is a fun game where you learn. The lesson is divided in four parts:

1. Each lesson includes a variety of reading, listening, speaking, writing, exercises.

2. Duolingo show you the incorrect answers and how to immediately improve them

3. It keeps track of your streak motivating you to keep up with your progress.

4. As in a game, you have lives that you lose for every incorrect answer. If you lose all your lives, you have to start over.

This app is available for IOS, Android, Windows phones, and it has a special platform for schools.


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