Which are the soccer teams that do not sign up foreigners?

For some teams, values and patriotism are more important than sports scores

What are the soccer teams that do not sign up foreigners?

There are several reasons why these clubs have a selection policy so rooted, among them there are: the reaffirmation of local or national identity, generation of belonging sense among fans, and constructing their own sports and cultural symbol.

In this regard, it is worth asking, what are these teams and how they have managed this unique policy?

Club Deportivo Guadalajara

A merchant of Belgian origin called Edgar Everaert founded the team known as “Chivas of Mexico” on May 8, 1906. The team was named "Union Football Club". At first, mostly French players formed the club. Subsequently, the club adopted the idea of having only players born in Mexico. For this reason, "the sacred flock" is historically recognized for working in the training of young players with the aim of constructing the basis of the Mexican national team.

Next to America, Guadalajara’s rivals, they are the only clubs that have played all leagues from the start. This team has become one of the most winning teams in the history of Mexico. The team has won 12 leagues, 4 Cups Mexico, 7 Champion of Champions (competition between the winners of the opening and closing), and 1 Supercup Mexico. Adding these championships there is a total of 24 national victories, the cipher makes it the club that more titles nationwide has. Chivas has trained world-class players like Eduardo De la Torre, Carlos Salcido, Francisco Javier Maza Rodriguez, Carlos Vela, and Javier "Chicharito" Hernandez.

Club Deportivo El Nacional (Ecuador)

The full name of this club is Specialized High Performance El Nacional. The team began operations in 1960 as a soccer squad called Club Mariscal Sucre. On June 1, 1964 it was officially founded as Club Deportivo El Nacional. "The Machine" as it is known, is characterized by having partners who are mostly active or retired military members of Ecuador.

"Red" is one of the few teams in the continent that still have the rule of never have hired a foreigner in their ranks. Until a year ago, when the Colombian Rinson Lopez forged documents and broke the tradition.

"The pure criollos" has won 13 leagues, being the team with the most titles nationwide. This team has had players like Antonio Valencia, Felix Borja, and t Christian "Chucho" Benitez.

Athletic Club de Bilbao

Athletic Club de Bilbao, or "Athletic"   as it is known, is a soccer club from the city of Bilbao, Basque Country, Spain. The team was founded in 1898. The emergence of the base of the "Lions" team came from England, around the 1890s, thanks to the fact that some English sailors who worked in the ports used to play football in their spare time. The interest of the Basques in this sport was increased to the point of forming two teams of rookies, Athletic Club Bilbao Football founded in 1898 and the Club founded in 1900.

In 1902 both amateur teams combined with the name of Club Viscaya to contest the now known as Copa del Rey, beating FC Barcelona 2-1. Next to FC Barcelona and Real Madrid Football Club, these are the only clubs that have played all editions Spain's First Division since its inception in 1928. The "Athletic" has 33 official titles, including 8 league titles. It is also the fourth club with more trophies after Real Madrid, Barcelona, and Atletico Madrid.

Athletic Bilbao has a policy of admitting only players who were born within the territories of the Basque Country or players that are children of Basques parents. In addition, players must meet the condition of having been part of a team of the Basque Country, this decision is known as "youth policy".

The club understands "the Basque Country" as the area of the presence of Basques in Spain and France. Among the other players who have been part of the team there are: Telmo Zarra, Rafael Moreno Aranzadi "Pichichi", José Ángel Iribar, Fernando Amorebieta, Fernando Llorente, among others.

Malavan Bandar Anzali Iran Football Club

Malavan FC is a team from the Iran Pro League, founded in 1969. The team has the position of having only players belonging the Anzali region. Until now, it has only received a foreign player who was the goalkeeper Serghei Moldova Paschenko.


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