Real Madrid: What is Gareth Bale’s future in the team?

The Welshman is going through one of the worst moments of his career, as he is not necessary within the starting line-up

Real Madrid: What is Gareth Bale’s future in the team?

For no one is a secret that any elite footballer must play continuously to maintain their physical condition and, above all, their pace on the court. However, Gareth Bale's sports present within Real Madrid is totally removed from that premise, a fact that could lead to a quick separation between the player and the Spanish club.

The Welshman does not play in the team of Zinedine Zidane, as it happened in the whole series of knockout by Champions League against PSG. In addition, he has become clear that Bale is not necessary within the regular eleven. This situation can be verified when turning on the television and watching the list of the Madrid cast.

However, it is worth asking, what were the reasons that led Bale to be condemned to the bench?

  1. Lack of trust

It is normal for any athlete to go through ups and downs during their period as a professionals. This shortcoming came to the career of the Welshman and it is clear that he cannot find the tools to show his abilities again on the pitch.

  1. Different injuries

Bale has suffered various injuries since joining the club. However, unlike other opportunities, where once the player had recovered from wounds he had his place assured within the team, this time the coach and his teammates learned to play without him. The team now deals with the fact that the midfielder spent more time outside than on the field and they learned how to engage without him.

  1. Pressure of the harrow

In Real Madrid, players must have good performances yes or yes. This is undoubtedly the premise of the Madrid and, currently, the Welshman is not performing as he used to do. Although the fan base was always benevolent with its physical difficulties, in the present there is already a divorce between fans and the player. Bale has been the object of the fans' whistle during the last matches, so he has been much more uncomfortable with his situation.

  1. Overvaluation

Many think that what really happens in this case is that Bale has always been overrated. Madrid paid an exorbitant figure for him, but in reality he has never been up to that figure. Bale has been demanded a superlative performance, even similar to that of Cristiano Ronaldo, but he has never achieved what it is expected from him. This does not mean that Bale is not a good footballer, simply, for the same fact of having so much value in the market, he is claimed much more than any other and he has not been able to reach the level of superstar.

At the end, the fans should wait for the next matches to evaluate how this story progresses. What it is clear is that as long as the situation continues like this, both the player and the club will be losing.

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Translated from “ Real Madrid: ¿Cuál es el futuro de Gareth Bale en el equipo?”

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