6 Apps to flirt and more

Here you will find 6 applications that make it easier for you to meet people

6 Apps to flirt and more

The way in which we establish, develop, and enjoy relationships in intimate, family friendly, or even professional work environments has changed drastically with the advent of mobile technologies. 

The postmodern relationships between individuals has been atomized to such an extent that, for some, it is not necessary to have been less than three meters away from a person, to have seen their face, to have sustained any type of physical contact, or to have heard their voice come out directly from his or her mouth in order to formalize a relationship.

Today, even the most romantic relationships have become defined on the digital sphere, which facilitates everything, because knowing the ideal person - the love of our lives - is within the reach of our cell phones; it is only a matter of knowing how to search.

This is why we will show you 6 applications that are perfect for those who want to start a relationship or just simply have some fun. 

1. Tinder

For some, it must be obvious to include Tinder in this particular list of Apps. Tinder is, perhaps, the most famous application used to meet people. Tinder works as a "love catalog", where you like or dislike the profiles that you find according to your preferences and the people you are viewing can also correspond with a like or a dislike; the application has already done its job and the rest is up to you. 


2. Happn

Happn is another application that has gained popularity in recent months. The application works something similar to Tinder, however, this tool connects you with people even closer to your location. If you see someone good looking on the street, do not hesitate to open this application, because, if this person also uses it, his or her profile will appear immediately in your tray.


3. Lovoo

Officially, Lovoo is an app that offers to help you interact with others. However, it is very common to find among its users people who are only interested in casual sex with strangers. Lovoo offers the opportunity to directly contact the people that interests you through text messages.


4. Feeld

Starting with this app, we have entered an area explicitly programmed for planning sexual encounters between acquaintances and strangers. Feeld is an application aimed at people who have a preference for polyamory, that is, sentimental and intimate relationships between two or more people. In short, it is an application for people who have a much wider preferences than usual and is a good option for already established couples who wish to find someone else who wants to join a loving relationship.


5. Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison has worldwide recognition. It is also an application whose role has involved moral controversies. Infidelity is the value that this application promotes since it is aimed at people who are looking to break directly with the fidelity consensus they have with their partner and find someone with the same interest. Although the strategy to promote this application is the one already mentioned, it is important to note that Ashley Madison has a significant number of users that are single.


6. Pure

Pure is the high point of this list. It is the fastest and most effective option for those who are simply looking for sexual encounters with strangers in a matter of hours. This application allows its users to meet another people without protocols or bureaucracy, but much depends on the person and their ability to convince.

These applications demonstrate that it is no longer a priority what others think, because who we are has been reduced to a profile picture, a status, and the amount of likes received. The profile is the new virtual container of all identity and subjectivity. We are everything that we show in our social networks and this is how we will see people with whom we relate in friendship, love or sex.


Latin American Post | Esteban Gutiérrez

Translated from "6 Apps para ligar y más"

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