10 cracks that could not play at the World Cup by technical decision

What players will not be called despite being some of the best?

10 cracks that could be left without World Cup by technical decision


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We are only two months away from the biggest soccer event, and, like every 4 years, we always miss several top cracks that do not attend the World Cup by coach's decision. This year, these 10 great players might miss the great event.

10. David Luiz

The Brazilian center-back can miss what could be his last World Cup. He has not had a good time at Chelsea, where he is the last resort for his coach Conte. This situation comes after a discussion between the two, which has led David to not even enter the calls for the friendlies that the Brazilian team is about to face.

9. Neuer

In mid-September, the goalkeeper suffered an injury to a meta-stroke of his left foot. It is expected to reappear in April, but there is no certainty about it. Knowing that he would have little time to take shape, and that his main contender Ter Stegen is having a great season with Barcelona, ​​he could miss the important event. However, what this great goalkeeper can fear most is to lose the title because his co-appointment for the undialist appointment is almost certain.

8. Götze

The former promise of German football returned to play after suffering an illness that left him a year off the playing fields, still does not count for the German team. It goes through a low performance moment, which makes it get out of any plan of its selector.

7. Dybala

Sampaoli has decided to leave out Dybala for the next friendly matches of the Argentinian team. Instead, he has called Ángel Correa, of Atlético de Madrid.

6. Pastore

The 'Flaco' has not been in the last matches of the Argentine team. He hopes that with Neymar's injury he can enjoy better chances at Paris Saint-Germain and thus maintain the hope that Sampaoli decides to call him again to play.

5. Pepe

Fernando Gomes has an almost complete idea of ​​what his next call will be with the current players he has called. One of the absences is Pepe, current center of Besiktas. It's been more than 10 years since the first time he was called, and it seems like he will not be back.

4. Nani

Another of the players who is not currently in the Portuguese national team is Nani. Apparently he has lost the site permanently with the team. Also, the good form that your competition has, like Guedes, reduces his options.

3. Cahill

Being usual in the calls of the English selection, it seems that the time with his national team has expired. The central is 32 years old, and the coach has chosen to make a change, bringing the younger central team.

2. Sturridge

Another usual player in the England, has also been set by Gareth Southgate. He has not been included in the next two friently matches, and everything seems to indicate that the doors of the national team have closed for the player.

1. Icardi

This is another surprise for Argentina. Like Dybala, everything indicates that his last performances with the team have not liked Sampaoli. For this reason, he has decided to leave him out for friendlies. He will have to wait to see if he returns for the World Cup.


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