The innovative plans of Floyd Mayweather

The former North American boxer is developing a series of projects on a personal and professional level

The innovative plans of Floyd Mayweather

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After having broken great records in boxing and after finishing his undefeated career, Floyd Mayweather ventures into new projects. One of them is to be part of the discipline of Mixed Martial Arts, where he pretends to fight in an octagon of the UFC and show his talent. Another of the projections of Floyd is to invest in the Newcastle of England, and his goal is to take the Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo to the team. Similarly, the athlete intends to launch his own boxing video game and seeks to have his own rights since he did not want to appear on EA Sports' Fight Night.

What have been the main motivations of Mayweather to carry out this type of new projects in his life after his retirement from the ring?

1. Passion for Mixed Martial Arts: Mayweather is passionate about this discipline and is already doing the paperwork to compete. "I intend to fight in the UFC; I'm not a bad fighter. On a scale of one to ten I am in 7 and I can reach 9", said Floyd.

Another goal is to hold a battle in the octagon with the Irishman Conor McGregor, whom he had the opportunity to defeat in the ring. However, the meeting has not yet materialized and Floyd said that it is important to take each new step with great patience without any kind of effort.

"Even if it takes six to eight months. Whatever is needed. We want to make sure everything is done well", Mayweather added. Apparently, Mayweather's coach will be Tyron Woodley, whose goal is to have adequate preparation time for the matches.

2. Hobby for England's Newcastle: Floyd said that last year he met with Newcastle players and liked the fans and the city. "I love Newcastle. His fans live a great passion for the team and that is something I have not seen elsewhere", said the former boxer.

Similarly, Floyd said that football may not be his sport but he believes that he has very good connections to make a business plan. Also, the former boxer said that if he comes to make his investment in Newcastle would love to take the Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo.

It should be noted that Mayweather is a personal friend of Cristiano, both follow each other on social networks and admire each other.

3. Launch of his own videogame: Floyd recently stated that he wants to launch his own video game. For this reason, he will not be in the game Fight Night that is owned by EA Sports since its goal is to have exclusivity and own their rights.

Apparently, his brand The Best Ever (TBE) will be the one that promotes the video game. Additionally, Mayweather said that this game will be the competition of Fight Night, and that is why he is analyzing the development of this new video game.

These are the three major projections that Mayweather has in his life; thus, he is motivated and eager to achieve his goals. The former boxer conquered everything that was proposed in the ring, and now he is betting on great innovations in order to fulfill his new purposes.


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