What is the "Kiss disease" that affects Mariana Pajón?

The Colombian Olympic multi-medalist suffers from mononucleosis

What is the "Kiss disease" that affects Mariana Pajón?

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Mariana Pajón is the Colombian with the highest number of Olympic gold medals. The BMX athlete won gold medals in both London and Rio, demonstrating her supremacy on the two wheels. However, in the most recent BMX World Cup, the Colombian did not have an outstanding participation, which caused the surprise for all the fans who expect to see the biggest figure of this sport.

Miguel Pajón, brother of the athlete, explained in his social network accounts that "after being reviewed by French doctors and contacting a Colombian Olympic Committee (COC) doctor, the conclusion is that Mariana is suffering from a possible infectious disease- viral called mononucleosis ".

The brother said that "in the next week we will perform more tests to confirm this initial diagnosis, rule out any other problem and start with the treatment that allows her to recover 100% and continue with her training in Europe."

According to people close to the country, this virus has caused nosebleeds, headaches, swollen glands, and general malaise, so Pajón’s performance was clearly affected.

Immediately the news was known, the Colombian media and the country, in general, transmitted their strength and love to their heroine. Everyone sees in her the true image of Colombian women: talented, hardworking, persistent, and successful.

However, this disease, despite having such a terrifying name, is a minor affectation. With rest, it is possible to overcome it in a matter of days or weeks.

What is mononucleosis?

This is an infectious disease, also known as kissing disease, since it can be transmitted through this way. This disease is caused by the Epstein Barr virus and can be contagious when sharing body fluids, mainly saliva, by either eating, drinking, using the same glasses, sneezing, or kissing.

The Epstein - Barr virus has ever infected 95% of the world population; however, most of the time this goes unnoticed. Only in exceptional cases can affect and inflame the spleen.

This virus causes the same symptoms as a cold: malaise, fever, lack of appetite, headache, pharyngitis, laryngitis, among other symptoms. However, this disease is not usually dangerous and with only the consumption of liquids, rest, and adequate treatment, in less than 1 month the virus is expelled. However, the participation of Mariana Pajón in the next BMX World Cup on May 5 and 6 in Papendal, the Netherlands, is in doubt.


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