How will the recovery of Mariana Pajón be?

Total rupture of the cruciate ligament and partial rupture of the collateral ligament is the diagnosis of the rider after an accident suffered during the last BMX World Cup

How will Mariana Pajón recover?

The Colombian Mariana Pajon has had a season 2018 for oblivion. First, it was the kissing disease that kept her off the tracks. Now, a total rupture of the cruciate ligament and partial rupture of the collateral ligament of his left knee, appear as the new rival of the rider for the end of this season.

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The injury, produced after a strong crash against another cyclist in the middle of the semifinal round of the BMX World Cup, disputed during the past weekend in the city of Papendal, Holland, has the whole family of Colombian cycling alarmed.

Now, how long will the athlete's recovery time be? Above all, what are the keys for her return to the tracks? Those are surely the questions that her fans are currently asking.

For this reason, the Latin American Post journalism team consulted an expert in physical preparation to respond clearly.

Luis Apolinar is a physical trainer of the Venezuelan soccer team between 2001 and 2007. Likewise, Apolinar is also in charge of the physical part of the Lotería del Táchira cycling team for several years of the 90s. According to this trainer, the first thing that must be clarified is that Mariana Pajón's injury is complex, since it involves a ligament as important as the crusader, which is vital for the functioning of the knee.

"Of course and respecting the opinion of doctors, it is a serious injury, even atypical within the discipline, because we are used to seeing this type of pathologies in contact sports such as football, rugby or basketball; so it must be said that Mariana had bad luck", said Apolinar.

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That said, the physical trainer explained that now begins a recovery period that will be composed of three phases, which should be completed in a period of between five to six months, a period that may vary depending on the response of the body of the athlete.

The operation

For Apolinar, the key to this whole process is in the surgical intervention, which from the same environment of Mariana it was known that they will do it in a few days after the inflammation of the knee goes down.

"The operation will be vital in this whole process. Surely, the athlete's context will analyze several specialists in traumatology and take her to surgery with the most suitable for her. Before, about 20 years ago, many of the surgeons were not so good at these procedures. However, science has advanced a lot and today the specialists in this area do not fail".


Second, rehabilitation will be the phase that begins after the completion of the operation, which, according to Apolinar, will be the most important part of the entire recovery process. According to Apolinar, in the patience and perfection of the development of some protocols will be the key to get back to the best of Mariana.

"The protocol of the rehabilitation system will fall on a multidisciplinary medical team composed of physiotherapist, physiatrist and psychologist, which will contribute to the recovery of the athlete with their respective knowledge. In addition, of course, the family with its accompaniment will also become a vital part of the treatment. "


After the rehabilitation, recovery will enter as third and final phase, which is called strengthening. During this phase, the multidisciplinary team will be adding the trainer and physical trainer of the athlete, who will organize the specific exercises for the total optimization of knee functioning.

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"This is another important process that involves a lot of patience because we talk about the final part or set-up of Mariana, where the trainer and coach, under the supervision of the other members of the team, will begin the strengthening exercises. These will be progressive and careful, so that there is no type of relapse; without doubt, another aspect that must be taken care of ".

To conclude, reiterates the physical trainer that the most important thing to come back from a cruciate and collateral ligament injury is the patience that Mariana Pajon may have in the months that have to come, because that will be the great key for her to be back as soon as possible inside the tracks.

Latin American Post | Freddy González
Translated from “¿Cómo será la recuperación Mariana Pajón?”

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