Could Martín Del Potro become number 1?

The Argentine has had remarkable performances during 2018, will he be able to get back into the fight for the first place?

Could Martín Del Potro become number 1?

The Argentine tennis player, Juan Martin Del Potro, who has been recognized for his high performance in this sport, has returned to get up to speed in 2018. His participation in the last tournaments has been quite positive, so he begins to profile for be at the top of the ATP Ranking. However, the Argentine would have to obtain a significant amount of points to reach the top. At this moment, Del Potro is in the sixth position of the Ranking with 4,470 and the first in the table is the Spanish Rafael Nadal with 8,770. So, Del Potro has to add 4,300 points to reach Nadal.

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The classification arises from the points obtained by the tennis player during the year in the different tournaments and the amount of them depends on the difficulty of the tournament and the phase to which the tennis player advances. This modality has changed several times during the history of the competition; however, today, it is the one that determines the best in the world. Some of the Latin tennis players that have managed to reach the top of the ATP Ranking are the Chilean Marcelo Rios, who was the first Latino to reach this goal and did so in March 1998. Another Latin American is the Brazilian Gustavo Kuerten, who climbed the head of the classification in December 2000. On behalf of Argentina, apart from Del Potro, there was another tennis player who opened the doors to his country to become strong in this sport, reached the second position in the Ranking and highlighted by the obtaining four crowns in Great Slams, his name is Guillermo Vilas and he made his way to the Hall of Fame due to his exploits in 1991.

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In the case of Del Potro, he has to take advantage of his great moment to add the necessary points and stick to his rivals. With his surprising elimination of the Masters of Madrid he has lost valuable points, but certainly has remained at a good level in recent months and what remains must add to go up. He will have to face his direct rivals (Nadal, Federer, Zverev, Dimitrov and Cilic) and achieve victory. Additionally, he must add the Master of Rome very high, at the Roland Garros and he will take the opportunity to participate in some tournaments to get more points that wait in the end to play in your favor.

The truth is that Del Potro persists in this fight, which just 2 months ago was in the eighth position of the Ranking. The tennis player is now in sixth position with 1125 points ahead of the eighth. Also, it should be noted that Del Potro has obtained important results in recent years as was his brilliant victory against Federer in the Masters 1000 Indian Wells, which he described as an "unforgettable victory." Although not all have been joys in the career of the Argentine, who suffered a serious injury to his left wrist that almost forced him to abandon his profession and for which he had to undergo three surgical interventions until his total recovery.

The constant relapses he suffered in his attempts to return delayed his participation in multiple tournaments and fell in a devastating way in the ATP Ranking. It was there where his career seemed to end; however, he did not give up, he worked with perseverance to return and to be able to shine again.

At present, Del Potro has a full physical, mental, and emotional state to show his level before his rivals. The tennis player is close to becoming another of the Latinos who have "touched the sky" in this important sport, and his rivals recognize and highlight the work he has done to get back in shape and he is surprised with the speed in the It has been progressing after being practically defeated. Now, Del Potro is an example for the new generations and for the other athletes, since it has reached a level higher than the one it had before the injury and already generates concern in its rivals.


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