Odubel Herrera, a Venezuelan who approaches consolidation in the baseball league

The Philadelphia Phillies player was left with 45 games reaching first base and one of his catches could be the best of the season

Odubel Herrera, a Venezuelan who approaches consolidation in the baseball league

The Venezuelan baseball player, Odubel Herrera, has been doing a great campaign with the Philadelphia Phillies and his goal is to overcome more records. 'El Torito' is one of the candidates for the best catch in 2018 in the Major League Baseball (MLB) and reached first base on 45 occasions making history.

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This season has not been the most regular player of the season with the Phillies, but thanks to his performances he has been worthy of recognition.

Latin American Post analyzes the good moment that the Venezuelan is living in the Major League Baseball and his goals for this season.

How was Odubel Herrera's catch?

Herrera showed off with the glove in the match between the Phillies of Philadelphia and the Braves of Atlanta. The Venezuelan baseball player won the applause and praise of the public with a big catch in which he stole a home run from Freddie Freeman. The Phillies won 4-1.

According to ESPN, Herrera said: "I believe in my routine a lot. I go to the cage daily. I do my job with the batting coach, and that's why everything worked. "

Other records in the season

In another commitment, the Venezuelan hit a pair of hits in four innings in the fall of the Phillies 8-4 against the Miami Marlins. In this way, the Venezuelan increased his average to .343, displacing the outfielder of the Cardinals of San Luis, Tommy Pham, who had .341.

On April 27, Odubel also connected the strongest (112.2 mph) and short (970.7 mph) of his career against the Atlanta Braves. The baseball player indicated that he felt in a good rhythm when establishing the first game of multiple homers in his sports career.

For his part, his manager, Gabe Kapler, made several acknowledgments to Odubel for the good work he has been doing today.

Expanding your numbers

Likewise, Herrera extended his streak by getting 45 straight matches, reaching first base, beating Víctor Martínez and Miguel Cabrera.

The highest mark achieved by a Venezuelan was on the part of Bob Abreu, who managed a run of 48 meetings with the Philadelphia Phillies.

His season has been magnificent, and his records put him as one of the best hitters in the Grand Tent, with an average of 357. Thanks to his record of 45 games, he also surpassed the legendary Andrés 'Gato' Galarraga, who had reached a run of 41 matches.

"It's great to see Odubel swinging in a pitch that he might not be able to drive," Kapler said of the Venezuelan. Similarly, the manager stressed that Odubel has been very focused, prepared and ready in each of the training of the team.

Your great goal

Thanks to his good performance, Herrera could go for the second consecutive year to an All-Star Game, showing all his talent. He is currently in third place in the batting average, ninth in hits and wants to increase his performance.

Recall that Odubel is batting leader of the National League of Venezuela with an average of 3.44 with a thousandth above Nick Markakis.

The baseball player has remained in first place in the National League, adding 6 homers and 24 trailers, performing with Los Tiburones of the Guaira. 'El Torito' established the second record of a Venezuelan in the Major Leagues after reaching the base in 45 games and dreams of continuing to triumph.

Statistics of Odubel Herrera

-His sports debut was on April 6, 2015, with the Philadelphia Phillies

-Born on December 29, 1991, in San José de Zulia, Venezuela

-It was the first summoned to the All-Star Game in 2016

-In the 2016 season, he played 159 games and was in the third position

Latin American Post | Daniel Cuevas

Translated from "Odubel Herrera, las Grandes Ligas de Béisbol y sus metas para esta temporada"

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