Fernanda Colombo: The Brazilian who paralyzes the world for her beauty will be in Russia 2018

The referee has been a reference in the sports press, both for her beauty and for her professional career

Fernanda Colombo: The Brazilian who paralyzes the world for her beauty and will be in Russia 2018

In an interview offered to Marca website, Fernanda Colombo commented: "I had a hard time getting here, I always liked soccer, I did not play very well and when I was doing a physical education course, I was offered a course in arbitration and I liked it, the road has not been easy". Colombo already wreaks havoc with her physical appearance, but who goes further, being the first woman to whistle at a FIFA World Cup.

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The 2018 World Cup Russia, as well as innovative in technological advances with the inclusion of video arbitration for the resolution of controversial actions, will also be innovative in the incorporation of women in leading roles, which historically have been exclusive to men until now. This is the case of Colombo, the Latin American who challenged the male monopoly in soccer and will be part of the roster of referees in the upcoming World Cup in Russia.

Her beginning

Born in Santa Catarina, a state located in southern Brazil, Fernanda Colombo is 26 years old and has a degree in Physical Education. Her jump to the fame occurred in the Brazil Cup 2014, where she exerted like line judge in the party between Sao Paulo and CRB. Attention, Colombo could be the first woman to lead a world championship match, something that only the Swiss Ester Staubli had achieved in the U-17 World Championship, which was played in 2017 in India.

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Colombo did not reach the First Division by 'magic', it has been step by step and from the most basic that she has begun to escalate. In the same interview, the Brazilian indicates that she officiated in Brasileirao C and in B before reaching A. In addition, the referee always had to study and prepare a lot to be able to be at the level. "If I was not good, I would not be here because we are all professionals," she said. This time the story is not of a Latin American athlete, but of a Latin American referee.

Not everything is rosy

In his debut in the Brazilian Serie A Championship "Brasileirão", Colombo had a strong setback. In the match played between Cruzeiro and Atlético Mineiro, the referee pointed out a non-existent offside, hurting Cruzeiro, who finally lost 2-1.

This error generated a strong controversy and comments on the part of different football personalities. One of the strongest comments was made by the Cruzeiro sports director, who stated that "the assistant is beautiful but is not ready for this. The fans scream and she is wrong. She's beautiful, but you have to be good at your job. She should leave it and pose for Playboy."

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Despite the terrible comment and sexual connotation that was given, the Brazilian Football Confederation took no action on the director, but on the referee who was sent to a training course for two weeks.

World Russia 2018

Despite the controversy, the referee has continued with her career and the International Football Federation (FIFA) has rewarded her effort and performance, by deciding to let her wear the FIFA badge and incorporate it into the judges who will administer justice in the World Cup.

Undoubtedly, Fernanda Colombo will be in the eye of the hurricane if she makes a mistake since next June 14 when the initial whistle of the long-awaited Russia 2018 takes place.

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