Are you itching to make your own memes? These are the best apps for that!

These are some of the most recommended apps on the Internet to spend time laughing and making others laugh

Are you itching to make your own memes? These are the best apps for that!

Meme Generator free:


This application for smartphones is the best of all existing ones because not only allows you to work with more than 700 templates of your bank, but also upload your own images in an easy and fast way. With this application it is not only possible to add stickers to your memes, you can also create them by deleting the background of the image. The text is not a problem because here it is possible to adjust the size, type and color of the font. In addition, its highly intuitive interface is very easy to use. Another advantage is its high level of compatibility with Instagram, which allows memes to load this social network quickly. A great plus of Meme Generator Free is the option to create collages of images, resulting in fun comic-type memes. It is available in Google Play and App Store.


Meme Creator / Viewer:


It is another app for smartphones very similar to Meme Generator. This application also allows you to upload your own images and add text and edit its form. One of its most acclaimed features is its social network like platform that allows the user to register to store their creations and gain followers according to the quality of their memes, creating a community of people dedicated to everything that has to do with them. In addition, the app allows you to receive notifications when one of your memes has been commented or has been liked. Available on Google Play and App Store


Rage Face:


This fun application allows you to superimpose on all your photos the most famous face of the network: the face of troll, in all its presentations thanks to an integrated tool that allows you to detect faces. The unique feature of this application is the live preview, which, integrated with the mobile camera, provides the opportunity to see and change the faces on the image before taking the photograph; this guarantees an accurate replacement in all occasions. The included tools allow, in addition, to change the size of the faces, reposition them, and share them with the world through social networks. Available only on Google Play.


And since not everything on the Internet is memes, we also have to open a space for its funny animated cousin: the gif.




More than just an app to create gifs, Giphy is one of the most powerful searchers and banks of gifs and stickers in the world. With an interface compatible with social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and channels such as Gmail, iMessage and Messenger, this app, both for mobile and for the computer, uses a search bar that allows the user to answer with a gif on any occasion just by typing a keyword and without leaving the conversation. As a generator it allows the user to add multiple images to create a slideshow of gifs or convert their own video into a gif, add text and animated stickers in a few simple steps. In terms of URL's, it offers the possibilities of working with You Tube, Vimeo or your own. The mobile app also allows you to save gifs on your cell phone to use later. Available in Google Play and App Store.


PicsArt Animator: Gif & Video


It is a simple design app with an accessible and easy-to-use interface. The application is the best option when creating short animations in gif or video format from any of the two proposed options: a blank canvas or a photograph saved in the mobile. With this application it is possible to become an emoticon using your own photo, make animations with stickers, give life to previous images through drawings and animated loops or create images using layers. There are several tools that PicsArt offers to carry out the task: customizable brushes, a wide palette of colors, and layers, which allow correcting errors quickly and efficiently, among others. With PicsArt it is also possible to choose the speed of the frames and share the result through social networks. Available in Google Play and App Store.


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