This is what you should know about Hot Yoga

Would you practice a ninety minutes exercise in a temperature of forty-two degrees?

This is what you should know about Hot Yoga

Yoga is not a sport as many people believe. On the contrary, it is a discipline that involves three fundamental elements of human beings: body, mind, and soul. Instead, the sport focuses specifically on body development, which is the difference between these two concepts.

What is hot yoga?

It is a practical high - performance, demanding and yet could be considered reserved for a small group of people. This experience was developed in India by Bikram Choudhury, and then it was implemented in the United States around 1973. It has been expanding to other countries in the American continent. Now, also this discipline is also known as Bikram Yoga (named after its founder), but how is the process of this practice?

This takes a structured process. Before starting, the practitioner must necessarily take at least three liters of water and a recommendation should put aside caffeine; people practicing this discipline should not eat any food three hours before; men and women should be naked, only in underwear. Then, the first step is to neutralize the thought and put the mind in blank. Subsequently, it enters a relaxation process at a temperature of 42 degrees centigrade for a period of 90 minutes.

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It is noteworthy that during the habit of Bikram Yoga is common side effects occur due to the intensity of practice. Participants usually have dizziness, nausea, and tachycardia. However, experts say that is not a situation that should worry, because they are fleeting experiences. However, before starting hot yoga, the person must show a medical certificate and perfectly meet the requirements on their health.

Yoga and its backgrounds

Yoga is a practice developed through meditation. It was born in India and is a very common habit or custom of Hindu culture, which found numerous benefits for humans. Practicing yoga creates personal wellness, since most people are daily exposed to stress, pollution, fatigue etc. In that sense, finding a space of harmony, peace, and relaxation favors mental health practitioner, improving your lifestyle and making you feel better about yourself.

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Thus, yoga is considered "a haven of peace" by connecting the body and mind through exercise and concentration. Carry out this habit has become trend in different cultures in the world people have found some surprising results, which makes more people join physical and mental meditation. Its main objective is to teach practitioners that relaxation is just as essential as physical exercise is. Also, it favors in regulating body weight and mood. Furthermore, it regenerates the correct blood circulation and activity of the organism, preventing the occurrence of possible diseases. Emotionally, yoga manages to keep human beings with infinite joy, allowing us away from the distractions that hurt us in everyday life.


Latin American Post | Brandon Martinez Salazar
Translated from “Yoga caliente: Una práctica de alto rendimiento”