The LeBron James effect: lost the final again, but remains the center of attention

The 'King' of the NBA, LeBron James, is news for playing the last three games of the final with an injured hand and for his free agency

The LeBron James effect: lost the final again, but remains the center of attention

LeBron James has played nine finals, eight of them in a row, and many consider that he can take Michael Jordan's historic throne as the best in the world, as he outperforms in many respects the legendary Chicago Bulls player. That's why in the NBA it does not matter that LeBron James has lost his sixth final for the second time in a row. It is even difficult for even the winners to eclipse him.

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After concluding the fourth match of the final of 2018, the forward of the Cleveland Cavaliers diverted the attention from what the third title in four years meant for the Golden State Warriors with the claim that he played the last three games of the decisive series played with his right hand injured, "practically broken", reported the EFE agency.

James explained that the injury occurred in the locker room, at the end of the first game they lost at the Oracle Arena and in overtime by 124-114, which somehow marked the fate of the series thanks to the mental error of his teammate J.R. Smith.

"We had done a good basketball, but the decisions of the referees were followed and it bothered me that they took away a game we had won, the reality is that in the end I let my emotions invade me and when I got to the dressing room, what happened happened", admitted James, according to Listín Diario.

During the rest of the confrontation that was decided with an overwhelming sweep by the Golden State Warriors, the stellar player underwent two MRIs and used a special mold when he was not playing or training. However, few knew about this until LeBron appeared at the last press conference with his right hand protected.

A gentleman in the bad

LeBron has been recognized as a gentleman in the many times he has lost. His gesture with the players of the Warriors a few minutes from the end of the fourth game, when everything was decided and he knew he would not return to the court, is a sample of it.

"My biggest congratulations to the Warriors because they were at the end the team that played the best and therefore they deserved the title," he said. "But our team fought to the maximum and having achieved the victory in the first game everything would have been different," said James, according to Listín Diario.

And by the way, free agent. The NBA trembles!

On July 1 starts the possible third cycle of James as a free agent, but everything will depend on him. Of course, LeBron can change the market and leave in the background the dynasty of the Warriors. Also, his current team, Cleveland Cavaliers, could offer him more money and seasons than any other club, as it is rumored a deal for more than five years of 200 million dollars. No wonder, James is an emblem of the club, the man who ended in 2016 with the sports drought of more than fifty years of the city without titles in any sport.

However, ESPN explains that James does not seem very convinced to stay. The star forward has signed four contracts in his career with Dan Gilbert, the owner of the team, and none has been extended for more than three seasons. Moreover, since he returned to the Cavaliers four years ago, he never signed for more than two, and with 33 years behind him, he is unlikely to change that trend.

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Times change and circumstances too. When he went to the Miami Heat in 2010 he needed to become a champion and he did it. However, when he returned to Cleveland in 2014, in what was believed to be his last move, it was all about the feeling: the family and a legacy for the city, and he succeeded.

What is the other favorite club to stay with LeBron James?: Los Angeles Lakers. According to reports from ESPN, Californians have more than 70 million dollars in space to sign James and another top-level free agent, something no other team is in a position to do.

The possibility is gaining strength when evaluating the conditions in which James arrived in his last two free agencies. He joined a team that already had another superstar and he came with another to form tridents. Chris Bosh joined James to reinforce Miami and a lonely Dwyane Wade. Then, James joined with Kyrie Irving to accompany Kevin Love in the young Cleveland franchise. Therefore, win or lose LeBron James will remain the center of attention for the NBA at least while active.

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