Formula 1: Is Ferrari cheating in motor racing?

Mercedes and Red Bull lead the Formula 1 teams that accuse the Italian team of having illegaly modified their cars

Fórmula 1: ¿Ferrari está haciendo trampa en las competencias automovilísticas?

Ferrari has been accused by the Mercedes and Red Bull teams of having up to five irregularities in their cars, which could potentially enhance them illegally. The Italian team has been the center of attention for having the most competitive car after the 6 valid disputed in the current season of Formula 1, so their rivals examined carefully what could be the reasons for such an advantage, denouncing alleged abnormalities.

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The International Automobile Federation (FIA ) has ruled on several occasions denying bad practices by Ferrari and has made the controls more rigorous. However, the suspicions are still burning in the premier category of motorsport.

What are the alleged irregularities that Ferrari has in their cars? The agency Reuters shows an interesting summary of those five conditions of the cars of the 'Cavallino Rampante' (Little prancing horse), which are:

1. Batteries that alter the Energy Recovery System

After the Azerbaijan Grand Prix, which was raced on April 29, several teams demanded investigations into the Ferrari car, as they suspected of alterations in its battery. The theories of the teams affirmed that the cars of Ferrari could have a sophisticated system that caused that the cells of the battery extracted more energy of the storage, surpassing the allowed standards. It would be a severe illegal modification to the Energy Recovery System (ERS), which would grant more power per turn.

According to Reuters, all teams asked for clarification on how Ferrari was distributing the electric power, so the FIA ​​immediately began an investigation. The investigation concluded that the Ferrari battery system is legal, although the team had difficulties in explaining its operation.


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"[The regulations] say that it is the team's duty to convince the FIA ​​that their car complies at all times, and they were having difficulties for us to be satisfied. Now we are satisfied", said Charlie Whiting, director of the FIA  ​​race, in statements collected by Reuters.

2. Burning oil

Several teams saw a remarkable inconsistency in the Ferrari car: the car generated a lot of white smoke, which could mean that the Italian team's car was burning oil irregularly, that is, above the allowed standards.

This supposed extra burning of oil would cause the engine to increase its performance, which is illegal. Although it is true that the FIA ​​initiated investigations, it did not establish sanctions, although it did issue a statement announcing that it would make more rigorous controls from the Spanish Grand Prix, especially in the qualifying phase.

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3. Irregular escapes

In the Chinese Grand Prix, which was held on April 15, the aforementioned teams reported irregularities in the escape of the Italian team's cars. The complaints arose because the engine of the Ferrari cars produced a different sound in the corners, being the only cars to have this irregularity.

The blown exhausts of Ferrari raised suspicions that the Italian team used illegal motor maps, creating uncertainty in the other teams. The FIA ​​merely issued an explanatory note reminding that such motor maps are prohibited and will be severely punished if found.

4. Rearview mirrors

The Red Bull team denounced in the Chinese Grand Prix that the mirrors of the Ferrari cars did not meet the technical requirements, so the Italian team had to add three vortices to the aforementioned parts to comply with the regulations.



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It is perhaps the least relevant irregularity, since it has no intervention in the competition, that is, it does not give any advantage. However, this serves to get an idea of ​​how much competitors are examining Ferrari cars to find anomalies.

5. Mobile rear spoiler

At the Monaco Grand Prix, which was held on May 27, the Red Bull team denounced Ferrari to the FIA ​​for alleged irregularities in the car's rear spoiler, also known as the Drag Reduction System (DRS). Red Bull took several photographs where it was observed that the DRS seemed to open to more than the allowed 16.5 centimeters. However, the FIA ​​ruled by dismissing the complaint and asserting once again that the Ferrari cars do not violate the regulations of Formula 1.


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Mercedes and Red Bull are the teams that are most dissatisfied with the alleged irregularities of Ferrari, team chaired by the Italian Sergio Marchionne. No illegality of Ferrari has been proven, but the GP France is approaching, so the cars of the Italian team, driven by the German Sebastian Vettel and the Finnish Kimi Räikkönen, will be more guarded than ever by all the teams of the queen category of motorsport.

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