6 myths about nutrition debunked

Some ideas in relation to food have become popular despite having no scientific basis; find here the most popular

6 myths about nutrition debunked

Light products do not fatten

Not necessarily. Light means that the product is reduced in some of its components: fats, sugars, or salts, which does not always indicate that they contribute less calories. In any case, no matter how light the product is, if it is consumed in abundance, it is fattening.

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Diets that are based on eating only one type of food are very good for weight loss.

Actually these diets can be very nutritionally unbalanced, as well as monotonous and very unhealthy. According to nutritionist Dana James, the consumption of only fruit, for example, does not provide a complete nutritional plan and the lack of some supplements can lead to conditions such as anemia, fatigue or even weaken the immune system. In addition, the excessive amount of sugar present in the fruit can lead to lack of concentration and fall into cravings.

Eating less times a day will help you lose weight

Sergio Espinar, a nutrition-oriented pharmacist, explains that when excess calories are cut back daily, the metabolism slows down, leading to lower caloric expenditure. "As it were, the body adapts to the new situation, setting in motion a series of defense mechanisms that avoid losing more fat," explains Espinar. In fact, this is the reason why the well-known 'rebound effect' occurs, since any caloric excess will be stored more easily as fat.

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Foods with cholesterol are bad

According to the HealthCare newspaper, foods are neither good nor bad depending on the amount of cholesterol they contain. Actually, cholesterol is necessary, the important thing is to avoid excess. There are foods such as eggs that, in addition to containing cholesterol, have an important nutritional value with proteins such as lecithin, vitamins, and minerals.

Brown sugar is healthier than white

The composition of both is practically identical and the nutritional value is very similar: for every 100 grams of brown sugar are 377 kcal, while the white is 387 kcal.

Pork has the most fat

According to Fernanda Alvarado, expert in nutrition, pork contains different amounts of fat and the important thing is to know how to choose the most healthy cut. The loin, for example, is one of the leanest cuts and even provides less fat than chicken. In addition, pork increases muscle mass by containing essential amino acids that place it as one of the most complete dietary sources of protein.

Carbohydrates are harmful

According to Medline Plus, carbohydrates are one of the main types of nutrients and are the most important source of energy for the body. It must include those from natural products and avoid processed ones, such as chips, cookies and cardboard juices.

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