The goal of the Venezuelan National Team has been set: qualifying for the Qatar World Cup 2022

Rafael Dudamel, the Venezuela NT's coach, presented the project with which he intends to reach the next World Cup

The goal of the Venezuelan National Team has been set: qualifying for the Qatar World Cup 2022

This month marks 88 years since the beginning of the history of the FIFA World Championships, a great soccer event in which the best teams of the planet compete. Due to various circumstances, the hymn "Glory to the brave people" of Venezuela in a World Cup has never been heard. However, just as Panama and Iceland got their ticket for Russia for the first time in 2018, once the road to Qatar 2022 begins, the vinotIGNORE INTO dream will come back IGNORE INTO effect.

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Can Rafael Dudamel's team arrive to become one of the qualifiers to the Qatar World Cup? That is a worthy analysis to perform and what we will do next from LatinAmerican Post, starting from a series of edges that must be wielded carefully.

Polishing talent

Recently, Rafael Dudamel met with the Venezuelan media to present his project "Qatar 2022 the goal of all." El Diario El Nacional reported the statements of Dudamel, who affirms that "I read these days some statistics that in the last FIFA world cup, the only South American team that has been able to advance to a final, we have been ourselves. That is referring to the U20 World Cup final in which the Creoles exhibited the talent of their new litter.

The vinotIGNORE INTO's coach  has a golden binomial composed of experienced players such as Salomón Rondón, Tomás Rincón, Josef Martínez, Roberto Rosales and a base plagued by the portentous youth such as Wuilker Fariñez, Jeferson Soteldo, Adalberto Peñaranda. We must also remember the times of the Creole cast in which he had important men. That is why you should start from the work already done to merge the experienced with the young and try to be really competitive.

The strength is in the joining

For no one is it a secret that Venezuela is currently a country with many difficulties, where polarization reigns in many ways and where you like it or not, football is also included. However, according to the same Dudamel, who of insurance in addition to make a call in the sport fixed his position in the social thing, the kernel of the subject is in the union that they can have the 30 million Venezuelans with his selection, fundamental key so that the world goal is conquered.

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"Eleven will not be enough for us. We need everyone. Let it be a single feeling. Imagine with that force the World Cup of Qatar 2022 ", was what the former goalkeeper expressed to the national media, which he also called to be multipliers of union, since only in this way can the dream be achieved.

More talents that could be added

Obviously, as in any long-term process, such as this one that will last four years, important names will always appear to accompany those who are already there. That is a very positive aspect that could be found in a future vinotIGNORE INTO, which already seems to have expanded its representatives in the eyes of the great teams of the planet.

To be more precise, the Diario AS de España details some relevant names that could have for Dudamel and its technical staff for the future. "There is a group of spare parts in which they stand out: Alejandro Marqués, who is currently in the academy of Barcelona, ​​Riki Mangana of Celta de Vigo and Enrique Peña Zauner of Borussia Dortmund, as well as Crhistian Makoun, the Bruges of Belgium who is watched by the Juventus of Italy, are some of the new jewels that seek to take Venezuela to the place it deserves".

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