Beyond Bitcoin: These are the 6 strangest cryptocurrencies

Although the best known are Bitcoin and Ethereum, worldwide there is a large number of different and curious cryptocurrencies

Beyond Bitcoin: These are the 6 strangest cryptocurrencies

Since 2009, when Bitcoin first appeared, cryptocurrencies have taken off and now the interest they have is very high. This has resulted in a large number of new companies dedicated to the blockchain and that large traditional consortiums have turned their efforts to create their own cryptocurrency.

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This is a list of the strangest cryptocurrencies:

1. The James Rodriguez JR10 and the famous coins

The Colombian footballer James Rodriguez arrived in May to an agreement with the Chinese company SelfSell for the distribution of JR10, his own cryptocurrency. James stands out for being the first active soccer player to have his own cryptocurrency, which can be exchanged for merchandising, tickets to sporting events and exclusive material for his holders. This cryptocurrency is based on the blockchain technology that made Bitcoin famous, as well as practically all the others mentioned here.

Although James is the first active player to take this step, he is not the first player to get in touch with cryptocurrencies, as some of them had already done, such as Lio Messi and Luis Suárez, although their work is more of sponsorship and alliance with some previously established brand, instead of creating a new personalized cryptocurrency. It is also worth noting some celebrities who have followed this same path of strategic alliances, such as the singer Katy Perry, the boxer Floyd Mayweather, the rapper 50 Cent or Paris Hilton.

2. CannabisCoin and PotCoin

As the name implies, they are cryptocurrencies created to buy marijuana. This purchase is carried out in a legal manner and is related to the consumer with a seller located anywhere in the world. Its value to change is not very high.

3. SexCoin

Despite the fact that the adult entertainment industry has quite a lot of revenue, especially in the United States, the SexCoin has not taken off in its value to the change as cryptocurrency. Its use is oriented towards content for adults and sex toys, among others. It is one of the oldest cryptocurrencies, since it exists since 2013.

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4. Dogecoin

This undoubtedly has one of the most particular origins, because it uses as image "Doge", a dog of the Japanese race Shiba Inu that jumped to fame in 2013 and became one of the most popular memes of its time. This cryptocurrency has a low value to change, although it is recognized within the crypto world, and is undoubtedly the most famous within a very specific line of cryptocurrencies that use memes as inspiration.

5. PutinCoin

Russian President Vladimir Putin is a media phenomenon of the 21st century, which in some way would have an impact on cryptocurrencies, such as PutinCoin or PutinClassic. These cryptocurrencies do not pursue a real exchange value, despite having an equivalence in dollars, although very low. His goal is to present himself as a tribute to the Russian leader. PutinCoin even has a physical format that works as a souvenir.

6. Stablecoin

Although the concept of stablecoin is not as curious as the previous ones, it is worth highlighting it because it can be a gateway to the future of cryptocurrencies. The stablecoins are linked to a real market price and a particular established currency. This is the case of the Stronghold USD, the first stablecoin created by IBM in alliance with Stronghold, linked to the dollar. Those who are immersed in the crypto world could argue that this new conception distorts the very principle of cryptocurrencies to be separated from the traditional financial system, but banks and financial entities see it as a good option.

The concept of cryptocurrencies can be analyzed from different points, such as technological, economic or social, although its development is still confusing for a large part of the world market. Broadly speaking, one could say that a cryptocurrency, in its most primitive concept, is a currency that does not have a value support in the real world, but with which the people involved agree to exchange goods.

The warnings of the financial system of different countries are diverse, as there are cases like China, where at the beginning of the year there were several efforts to prohibit them even though a large number of the companies dedicated to this business come from this country, or as the one from Mexico, which ensures that cryptocurrencies are a scam.

Beyond this controversy, it is interesting to highlight cryptocurrencies that have a slightly stranger origin than the financial system as such, where some of them do not even aspire to have a real value.


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