Colombia is close to expanding the bright Latin American history in the NBA with Braian Angola

Angola could be the first Colombian basketball player to say "present" in the best league on the planet

Colombia is close to expanding the bright Latin American history in the NBA with Braian Angola

Latin America has always produced great basketball players, several of them have reached the NBA, and some more select ones have left their mark on the best league in the world. The first example is that of the Argentine Manu Ginobili, but along with him many others have stood out like his compatriots Luis Scola, Andrés Nocioni, the Brazilians Leandro Barbosa, Anderson Varejao and Nene Hilario, the Venezuelans Carl Herrera and Greivis Vásquez, the Puerto Rican JJ Barea or the Mexican Gustavo Ayón, among others.

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Colombia, a soccer nation, has been growing in the discipline of the board, but has not yet been able to enjoy its first representative in the National Basketball Association (NBA). However, today that possibility is very close thanks to Braian Angola, who is currently in Orlando training with the Orlando Magic, team with which he agreed to a contract 'type clause 10', which opens doors to get to play in the NBA, as reported by Semana magazine.

More experienced players such as Stalin Ortiz and Edgar Moreno have had the chance to play in respected leagues like Venezuela and have been the standard of Colombian basketball in recent years. However, the possibility of reaching the NBA is mostly represented in young people who have had the chance to prepare in American universities.

In that sense, an interesting work of ElColombiano.com rescues names such as "Tony Trocha (2.06 meters), Hanner Mosquera (2.06), Yesid Mosquera (2.03), Angola himself (1.93), Jhan Paul Mejía (2.01), Tomas Diaz Jr. (1.96), Hansel Atencia (1.83), Juan Aparicio (1.92), Andres Ibarguen (1.98), Yildon Mendoza (2.03) and Michael Moreno", all with enough talent to at least try it in the best basketball in the world.

Angola's real chance

Marca.com portal defines very well the possibility of Colombian talent of 1.98 meters tall. Angola will participate in a 'Training Camp' of the Orlando Magic along with the rest of the squad. How did the Casanareño get this opportunity? It was thanks to his performance with the Florida State University and his average points per game, an average of 12.7. In short, Angola will have physical and tactical pre-season friction with those players established with the organization. It is there where the player of position 2, escort, will have the possibility to impress the trainer Steve Clifford.

Angola is in the focus of all media in Colombia. In fact, recently, Kienyke reported that, to have an advanced training that allows him to reach the big league, the Colombian will intervene in the G League, an NBA development tournament where he will be part of the Orlando Lakeland Magic team.

The same news outlet adds that he hopes that "Angola will be elected and have recognition and be the first Colombian in this sport. Since, in 1992, the Bolivarian Alvaro Tehran played five preseason games with the Philadelphia Sixers, but in the end he was not selected to enter the NBA".

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Like many athletes who overcome life adversities, there is the case of Braian Angola, a native of Casanare and who already has 24 years of age. The first big step in his career was with an excellent performance with the U17 national team in a South American and from there he decided to go to the United States.

Semana magazine indicated that this young man's dream has always been to dedicate himself to basketball and to establish himself in the NBA. However, a strong incident such as the death of his father put him to the test and he had to unwittingly become a kind of father figure of his two younger sisters, Michel and Carol. Months before that tragic event, Angola had been awarded a scholarship by Findlay High School in Henderson, Nevada.

Later and thanks to his talent, Braian was acquired by the Northern Idaho College, a University of the NAIA. According to Agmeducation.com, the NAIA (National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics) was founded in 1937 with the aim of serving mainly basketball, although it gradually opened its doors to other sports disciplines.

Angola was recognized as one of the best players of that competition and quickly adapted to the language to access the next level: the NCAA, with its Florida State as review Week.

His time in the Summer League

José Tapias, president of Piratas Basketball Club, one of the most important professional teams of the Colombian League, did not hide his satisfaction with what is happening with Angola, so, exclusively for the Latin American Post, he said: "It is satisfactory that Braian Angola is in an NBA organization, and has already taken the first step which is to have participated in the NBA Summer League in Las Vegas and now sign the contract that could later allow him to have another contract of better condition, in which he could even and to receive income ".

He continued telling Tapias about Angola "That a player of this quality who has demonstrated both junior and senior and without being drafted has that possibility would undoubtedly be a great achievement. For now he should focus on trying to get to the NBA. "

As the newspaper El Tiempo indicated, the Colombian guard received an invitation from the Orlando Magic itself to be in the Summer League, a tournament in which the squads participate with the selected players plus other prospects.

In the aforementioned competition, Angola did not play regularly in the first exchange, but took advantage of their opportunities and upped their statistics leaving averages of four points, 1.8 assists and 1.8 rebounds in 15.5 minutes of play. In addition, it shows sacrifice in defensive work, something very evaluated in modern basketball.

Finally, Angola did not hide from El Tiempo the meaning of his father's memory. "I want to fulfill my father's dream. He wanted to play in the NBA. Sadly, he passed away, and we can not do anything against that. The dream has already been fulfilled. At the moment I am in the Summer League, it is a very important process. In this league is where young talents are discovered. We are already here, and the idea is to continue working to move forward".


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