Does Egan Bernal have what it takes to become the future champion of the Tour de France?

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Called as "young wonder", the Colombian is a promise in cycling and a great contender to obtain the most important title of  cycling

Does Egan Bernal have what it takes to become the future champion of the Tour de France?

Egan Bernal was declared a revelation of the Tour de France in the eyes of astonishment of many of the great cyclists of the peloton and even some mythical former runners. The praise did not wait, because the Colombian rider is credited with being one of the great architects not only for the title of Geraint Thomas but also for the third place of Chris Froome.

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Now, after the unparalleled performance of the so-called young wonder in this gala round, the specialized media and fans are beginning to question: Does Egan Bernal have what it takes to become the future champion of the Tour de France? In LatinAmerican Post we will develop some aspects to get the answer.

Immeasurable talent

In the first place, this analysis must start by recognizing that the talent of Egan Bernal is undeniable and was demonstrated in the recently completed gala round, as well as in the Tour of Catalonia, La Colombia Oro y Paz and the Tour of California. Events in which the Colombian always knew how to play a leading role and a high performance, which led him to win the praise of some of the greatest referents of the discipline.

For example, Alberto Contador, glory of Spanish cycling, in a report published by Colombian portal Antena2, said that Egan is a luxury portent for the future of the discipline, "I think that any qualification that you want to give Bernal is short. What he did in the Tour is a super class, we have a runner who will do great things in this sport and he will not have to wait long to come to this race and try to win them".

But not only Contador talked about the talent of the young man of the Sky, because the very Eddy Merckx, for many the best cyclist of all time and winner of five Tour de France expressed for the WRadio that he was pleasantly surprised by the talent of this cyclist: "It's a great corridor. Future winner of the Tour de France, for sure. He won the Tour of California and it was very good what he did in the Alpe de Huez with Sky. He has a great talent and I think it's the future of cycling in stage races without any doubt".

Youth divine treasure

A second element that needs to be emphasized, is that despite the great experience that Bernal has, he only is 21 years old. If his representatives handle this situation well, he has high chances of winning the most important races.

With respect to the above, the newspaper El Espectador analyzed in one of their articles: "What was the life of Froome at 21 years?", and argued that " Froome had not done anything compared to what Egan Bernal has achieved. The Colombian already has more than 45 distinctions in which stand out the titles of the Tour de L'Avenir 2017 (Tour de France U23), Vuelta a California 2018, Colombia Oro y Paz 2018, Tour de Sibiu, Bihor Tour, among many others. While the British had 11 distinctions without major weight " .

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Endorsement of the almighty Sky

Another aspect that is of utmost importance for the Zipaquireño, is the accolade that he has been receiving again and again from the Sky team. In the declarations of the champion of the Tour, Geraint Thomas and collected by the newspaper El Espectador, he affirms that: "I take my hat off before Egan, he has a tremendous talent. If I had to bet money for him to win a Tour, I would do it. "

Dave Brailsford, general director of Sky, agrees with Tohmas when he revealed in a report made by the BBC, that: "I have searched and searched for the last years for the rider that could be the next Chris Froome, our next leader for the big laps and I got it. My choice is Bernal . "

Kind of champion

Finally, it is important to reiterate that this young wonder more than an athlete is a great human being. His simplicity and humility shines in every interview, like in the Semana Magazine, where he confesses that he does not think about winning the Tour: "Honestly, I can not say that I dream of winning the Tour de France. It is something that all riders want, it is a dream that all cyclists have, but one thing is to dream it and another is to believe that one can really do it. It is very difficult to win the Tour de France. I'm only 21 years old. I just want to learn and learn and then see if you can win, or not. Actually, only time will answer that question", he concluded.


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