4 reggaeton quotes that will inspire you

Who says that being a popular genre does not teach us philosophy of life?

The Colombian writer Amalia Andrade, creator of the books "One always changes the love of his life (for another love or for another life)", "Things that you think when you bite your nails" and the "Tarot magicomístico de estrellas (pop)", has a highly active Instagram account, in which she actually started her career, and on Monday, July 30 she published this post, which inspired this article:

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What is the wisdom that this controversial genre can bring us? These are some of our favorite phrases:

"Why highlighter if you shine alone?"

In Spanish: "¿Pa qué highlighter si tú brillas sola?"

With lines like this, a genre usually remembered for its misogynistic lyrics turn tables around. This line is from "Brillo", a song by Colombian superstar J Balvin and Spanish singer Rosalía. Rosalía is an alternative music singer who defies all limits: "Transforms flamenco into pop without lightening it or subtracting depth. True to the old cantes in all its amplitude but from a groundbreaking and unusual optic," according to her official website. Therefore, it is not uncommon that one of the wisest lines of J Balvin's extensive discography has come from a collaboration with this singer. This verse uses a piece of makeup, the highlighter, to say that in order to look good, what matters is the inside.

"Baby, life is a cycle and what does not work I do not recycle it"

In Spanish: “Baby, la vida es un ciclo y lo que no sirve yo no lo reciclo”

This line brings Bad Bunny in the recent hit "Te Boté (Remix)". On a literal level he talks about an ex-girlfriend, but he can re-interpret and become a philosophy of life. Sometimes, the best thing is to let go: that boyfriend, that shirt you have been wearing since you were 14, that university career that you started but that you already know does not fill you, that job that makes you bored, if it does not work, let it go.

Bad Bunny is one of the most recognized representatives of Latin trap and reggeaton. The Puerto Rican has collaborated with J Balvin, Prince Royce, and even rapper Cardi B. With his first number 1 on Billboard's Hot 100 list, with "I Like it", a collaboration with J Balvin and Cardi B, the singer reacted by saying that "Latinos are going to take over the world," as the music magazine reported.

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"If you're not there, I'm not going to cry for you. While I'm forgetting you, I'm still rumbling, my life I'm going to live"

In Spanish: “Si tú no estás, yo no voy a llorar por ti. Mientras te voy olvidando yo sigo rumbeando, mi vida voy a vivir” 

This is the chorus of "Si tú no estás (ft. De la Ghetto)" one of the most experienced reggaeton players, Nicky Jam. It is pure wisdom to heal a broken heart. In a line very similar to the phrase of Bad Bunny, the bad ex-girlfriends (or ex-boyfriends) must be forgotten. Although it is sad, we learn everything and life goes on.

Nicky Jam is from Puerto Rico, but lives in Medellín, Colombia. He began his career in 1994 and is currently one of those who risk making collaborations with all kinds of artists, from Wisin, to the Mexican rock band Reik.

"I am Latin America, a people without legs but walking"

In Spanish: “Soy América latina, un pueblo sin piernas pero que camina”

If what you are looking for is political wisdom, where you should look is Calle 13. This line is part of "Latinoamérica", a song that came out in 2011 and that is a collaboration with the Colombian Totó la Momposina, the Peruvian Susana Baca and the Brazilian Maria Rita. That year it won Song of the Year in the Latin Grammys, and although it is not reggaeton in its purest definition, it has elements of this genre that make it fit in this list.

Anyway, Calle 13 was a duo that challenged the musical genres, both in terms of rhythms and instruments, and in the lyrics. Former member "Residente", who was one of the most nominated Latin Grammy this year, continues to take rap to limits never seen before.

Reggeaton is a very broad genre, which we often try to typecast, but whose creators increasingly defy its limits more and more. Definitely there are wisdoms that were left out of this short list: What is your favorite?


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Copy Edited by Laura Viviana Guevara Muñoz