Tips for traveling with your pet: everything you need to know

Find here a list of tips that will allow you to enjoy a smooth and safe trip with your furry friend

Tips for traveling with your pet: everything you need to know

More and more people see their pets as a member of the family, so traveling without them can be a sad farewell. However, the range of destinations that allow you to vacation in the company of your animal is getting wider.

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If you decide to undertake an adventure with your furry friend, it is necessary that you take into account the following things, in order to have a smooth and safe trip.

1. Choose your destination: not all destinations are pet friendly, so you must find out in advance where you want to go and wether you can travel in the company of your pet. According to ElPeriódico, there are several Apps that can help you in that search, some are completely free and let you know which hotels accept dogs or cats depending on your location or by entering the name of the city you want to travel to.

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2. Know the requirements: Like people, animals must comply with regulatory documentation to be able to travel freely, which generally varies according to destination. According to the Official College of Veterinarians of Zaragoza, to travel through the European Union, or access it from other countries, pets must carry a passport issued by their veterinarian which includes information about their characteristics, their owner and their vaccines. You should also find out what are the options and requirements to transport your pet, which usually vary according to the airlines, and with what anticipation you should purchase the tickets.

3. Visit the vet: before submitting your pet to flight hours, talk to your veterinarian. Ask him about your travel plans, let him evaluate if the health status of your pet is optimal for long flights and ask if you can give it a tranquilizer that makes the trip a more bearable experience.

4. Do not feed it before traveling: according to the daily newspaper specialized in pets, MisAnimales, it is not recommended that the animal embarks on an adventure after eating. Try to have a fast of 6 to 8 hours before traveling and have your needs met. You should not forget to hydrate it during the journey.

5. Where will your pet travel? According to SkyScanner, one of the most important things when traveling with your pet is choosing the right carrier. Try to find one in which they feel comfortable and that at the same time complies with the regulations of the airline.

Most airlines do not allow pets in the cabin that weigh more than 7 or 8 kilos, including the carrier, so if your animal does not meet these requirements it has to travel in the warehouse. If this happens, try to find a space with comfortable interiors and windows that allows you to breathe easily.

In addition, it is recommended that they start to get used to the space weeks before the trip, so that they identify it as a safe and pleasant place.

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