Millonarios seeks to participate in eSports

The Colombian football team, Millonarios, wants to enter the technological world of consoles to participate in the eSports Cup (FIFA 2018)

Millonarios seeks to participate in eSports

The gaming world is growing more and more, and obviously, football is no stranger to this trend. According to the FM of Colombia, the 'ambassador club' Millonarios opened a call to find a gamer that represents this club around the world. For this reason, on August 3 a call was opened to choose the lucky winner. The project has been sponsored by the Pepsi company and the RedButton Gaming Agency.

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The selection of the ambassador gamer was designed as follows. According to the sports newspaper Futbolete, the call began on August 3 and ended on August 10 (several days ago) for which registrations were closed. However, the bulk of the competition remains to be defined. The next stage is the selection of the participants, for this, the company's directives will have to choose 2048 players to start the tournament. The players will be divided into 1024 players per console, that is, half of the participants who play on the XBOX ONE platform and the other half who play on Play Station 4. The only rules arranged by the organizers are: have an internet connection, have a gamer ID and preferably have their own console.

These requirements have a reason for being. As explained by Pulzo portal, the first phase of the tournament will have a 1 VS 1 mode from the online system that has the game, that is, not face-to-face, it will also be done by direct elimination. The second phase will be done in person on September 1 at the Titan Plaza Shopping Center, where 8 Xbox players and 8 Play Station players will face each other. To complete this arduous tournament there will be a final between the winner of the XBOX platform and the winner of the Play Station 4 console.

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What will the winning "ambassador" receive?

According to La FM, the winner will have multiple benefits among which are a monthly salary of 5 million Colombian pesos, entry to the players dressing room, free entry to training, free tickets for matches and, of course, represent Millonarios FC in the eSports Cup.

However, not everything will be rosy for the winner. The winning gamer will have to participate in the eSports Cup exclusively using the "millionaire" team, in addition, he will have to face representatives of teams like River Plate, Ajax, Paris Saint-Germain, AS Roma, Schalke 04, Valencia and Manchester City, as informed by the Futbolete portal.

eSports at the Festigame in Chile.

However, Colombia is not the only Latin American country that has had an open competition these days. Also in Chile was the Samsung Show Game Arena. In the first days of August 2018 Chile opened its doors to welcome one of the most important tournaments in Latin America, which according to the newspaper Publimetro, this festigame gathers a great modality of competitions in the most popular games of the moment, as it is the case of Mortal Kombat XL, League of Legends, Counter-Strike, Overwatch, and FIFA among others.

As this newspaper explains, one of the most competitive arenas is the eSports tournament (competition to which Millonarios is registering) since the FIFA 2018 game is very popular among Chileans. In addition, this competition mode had special specifications to provide a better experience to the participants, such as the size of the screens, the technology of the screens, the status of the controls, and the seating units. This festival took place between August 3 and 5, 2018 and delivered more than 200 thousand dollars in prizes.

What can Latin America expect from these competitions?

The example of Millionaires in Colombia and the Festigame in Chile give indications that these competitions are increasingly desired by Latin American countries, given that a greater number of people are attending these competitions, not only as gamers but also as spectators. Additionally, it is good publicity for the host country. It should also be noted that, with the opening of this market in Latin America, you can have a greater competitiveness against European, North American or Asian rivals, due to the trajectory of these continents in questions about video game turners.


LatinAmerican Post | Miguel Díaz

Translated from: 'Millonarios, el equipo embajador, busca participar en los eSports '

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