5 tips to overcome the fear of fatherhood

Understanding that parenthood is accompanied by changes, there are some things you can do to feel less nervous

5 tips to overcome the fear of fatherhood

We are fully aware that pregnancy is a beautiful and overwhelming experience for expectant mothers, but we rarely think about the feelings that fathers go through during these months of waiting.

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It is completely normal if as a man you feel nervous, confused, shocked, overwhelmed or have the feeling that you are not prepared for fatherhood. However, understanding that you are going through a period of changes, there are some things you can do to make this period easier:

1. Communicate openly: according to Kids Health, although the best option is to talk with your partner because you will face paternity with her, you can talk with friends or family members who have an external perspective.

Many hospitals and maternity centers have professionals who care for new mothers and fathers with the utmost confidentiality.

2. Be patient: your partner will definitely suffer mood changes, according to Baby Center, they are normal, because the hormonal changes through which the body passes affect the level of neurotransmitters that contribute to create the mood.

She may be constantly irritated and her sensitivity may increase in situations that previously did not stress her. It is important that you arm yourself with patience so that these feelings do not fill you with anger and affect your life as a couple. Try to find solutions and strengthen your relationship by being thoughtful and understanding, as well as share your feelings and reaffirm your love.

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3. Attend childbirth classes: these spaces may sound uninteresting but they will help you learn about what awaits you. You can find out about the basic utensils that you should take to the hospital and take advantage of the space to get more involved in the process with the help of specialists.

4. Act and do not think so much: one of the biggest fears that comes with your partner's pregnancy is that her health deteriorates or the baby is endangered. To diminish this sensation, try to accompany your partner to the medical exams, and help her to take a balanced diet, which will be vital for the correct development of the baby and the state of the mother.

As a parent you can also actively participate in the stimulation of your child from the womb to ensure a good growth and lifestyle.

5. Do what you love: the anxiety of parenthood, although much more important, can be treated like any other type of anxiety. Try to read, listen to music, dance, distract yourself with your friends or do activities that help to get your mind off what you are going to face. Focus on positive thoughts about the joy of bringing a child into the world.


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