If you want to watch CR7 from Latin America you can only do it through one channel

The negotiations to transmit Italian football in Latin America are not yet closed, despite the fact that the season has already begun

If you want to watch CR7 from Latin America you can only do it through one channel

Cristiano Ronaldo left Real Madrid and his departure moved the football world. The Portuguese considered that after triumphing in England and Spain, it was time to seek a new direction, with Italy being the chosen destination.

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Soon it was known that he had been signed by Juventus of Turin, a historic Italian team. The news created all kinds of reactions, from the pessimism about the future of Madrid, to the euphoria of the Italians for watching CR7 play on the peninsula, which according to the newspaper ABC of Spain has sold 55 thousand shirts for his new club.

This has generated high expectations for the season, and put the eyes of the world in the 'Boot Country', this being the main reason that the negotiations for television rights have become a complicated issue.



Who has the broadcasting rights?

Parallel to the signing of the Portuguese star, Il Calcio, as the series A is also known, negotiated the sale of its broadcasting rights. The big winner was the Spanish company Mediapro, which met the expectation of the Italian league to exceed € 1 billion in its offer.

This broke a 15-year duopoly of SKY / Mediaset, companies that shared rights, according to information from Blasting News. However, this did not last. In May, the agreement was broken, because the clubs considered that Mediapro did not "offer guarantees", because there was fear that it would use monopolistic practices. Then, the rights returned to the negotiating table again for other competitors.

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Thus, SKY was able to obtain the rights to the Italian football for a lower price, € 973 million, after an initial offer of € 630 million that made them lose the first time to Mediapro.

The key in this whole matter is that they reached this agreement for less than € 1 billion just a few days before the signing of Cristiano Ronaldo, so it turned out to be a round business for SKY. According to Publimetro Colombia, the cost for the rights would have been at least € 1,400 million if CR7 had already been officially in the league at the time of negotiation, but he was not.



Although the Italian league could not get more benefit from SKY, the cable company does not think the same, knowing the new value of the league, it has increased the rights for other chains. SKY only acts as an intermediary and it has bought the rights to resell them, at a high price.

Previously, the broadcasting rights of Il Calcio were held by ESPN and Fox, now owned by Disney, a company that only has rights for the United States. For Latin America, AT&T is a shareholder of DirecTV. So far, there is no agreement on broadcasting rights for the region, despite the fact that the season started on August 18.

The alternative for Latin Americans

Despite the hard negotiations that have not borne fruit, the series has a 21st century option: streaming. The A Pass Series is the alternative to conventional transmission, which according to Publimetro could have a cost of 10 dollars per month, working like any other streaming service.

In the future could appear options such as Facebook, which will broadcast the Champions League for Latin America. Nobody wants to miss the Italian adventure of CR7, but, for the moment, fans of the Italian league have two options: to continue waiting for an agreement between the big channels or to opt for the streaming that the same league offers.



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