Veganism affects children: True or false?

Will children with vegan diets have a bad development because of these diets?

Veganism affects children: True or false?

According to the International Vegetarian Union, there are more than 600 million vegans in the world. With the number of families that change every day to a vegan diet, there are more children that grow without the consumption of animal protein, with diets based on plants and 100% natural products. Are children affected in their growth and development with these diets? The truth is they are not.

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Some doctors and nutritionists do not recommend a vegan diet in pregnant women or children because of the lack of iron, calcium, and vitamin B12. However, the American Association of Nutrition and Dietetics, believes that an intake without products of animal origin, balanced and varied, can be healthy and appropriate in any life cycle to have fresh foods such as fruits, vegetables, and legumes.

Children who from a very young age maintain a vegan or vegetarian diet consume sugary drinks and processed foods less frequently, which is very consistent with the official and daily recommendations that Western diets support, whether or not they consume animal protein. The important thing is the information. In fact, it is due to the bad information that the debate is generated on whether it is appropriate or not.

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In Italy, the case of a deputy who proposed to the Parliament of Italy to punish, even with jail, those parents who followed the vegan diet with their children shocked Europe. The proposal was motivated by the deaths of children with malnutrition following vegan diets that occurred in the European country.

For parents who are on a vegan diet, or whose children want to opt for this diet is important the support of experts and pediatricians that include supplements of vitamin 12 since this is not produced by the body and is obtained exclusively from sources of animal origin. As in any diet, it is advisable to opt for fruits and vegetables, quality proteins and fat intake to avoid health problems.

The vegetarian or vegan mother who breastfeeds her child should also take sources of vitamin B12 in sufficient quantities and on a regular basis. As well as maintaining exclusive breastfeeding until six months, allowing optimal growth to the little ones in the house. While children have their energy needs met, consume quality food and parents have the support of experts and specialists, a vegan diet is far from being negative for the development and growth of young people.


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