From Cuba to the world: The Havana Marathon is here!

Here you will find everything you need to know about the Havana Marathon, which will take place on November 18

From Cuba to the world: The Havana Marathon is here!

The Marabana race has become one of the most recognized competitions in Cuba and in Latin America for the participation of several athletes. A high number of international sprinters arrive to the Cuban capital, who prepare themselves in the best possible way to demonstrate their talent. The competition will be held on November 18, according to the official website of the Havana Marathon, the date on which the National Day of Physical Culture and the Villa Foundation is also celebrated.

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According to the newspaper As, the competition is divided into four categories: marathon, half marathon, 5k and 10k races, and runners with disabilities also participate. In addition, the Havana Marathon seeks to merge sport and tourism in a single event for the community, so it is a competition that seeks the attention of many people in the world, while promoting physical activity and sports in Cuba .

History of this competition

According to Online Tours, this competition began in 1987 with the aim of allowing Cubans to compete for free in a race. In this way, athletics is promoted as a basic right in the population and a healthy lifestyle is generated among its participants. During the first editions, foreign athletes of great level began to arrive that gave category and prestige to this sports event.

The same website indicates that in 2016, the marathon surpassed the figure of 1800 runners and the participants paid a registration fee. The National Capitol of Cuba is the place where the athletes meet, they start to run and where they reach the goal. According to El Confidencial, 5,000 people participated in the last edition of this sports event that took place in November 2017.

Promoting healthy habits in the community

With the passage of time, this contest has won several awards due to the achievements of the population in physical performance. In the same way, it has promoted a more active lifestyle in Cuba, increasing the fight against smoking and drug addiction.

In declarations given to Cuba Debate, the organizer of the event, Carlos Gattorno, highlighted the massive participation of the people in the contest. He also explained that this competition has been successful because of its organization and the enthusiasm generated in children, young people and the elderly.

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High-performance runners in Cuba, such as Richer Pérez, champion at the 2015 Pan American Games in Toronto, Canada, have also competed. Another fundamental aspect is that the sacrifice of the other is respected and both men and women compete on equal terms.


This competition is recognized by the Association of International Marathons and Distance Races (AIMS) and the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF). Carlos Gattorno said that the distinction was achieved because it is a competition that has spread throughout the country, according to Ecured.

Requirements have also been implemented according to current technology, such as the use of an official meter and a timing for runners. In addition, according to Radio Reloj of Cuba, the competition includes each of the medical services with the required requirements.

The same media underscores that there is a body of volunteers who fulfill different roles in this high-level competition in Latin America. The race has several routes between which you can see various places of interest that frame the history and architecture of Cuba. In addition, several agreements have been reached, such as the one established with the MKTG company to promote and manage this important event.

According to the media En dónde correr:

  • "The first three classified men and women will receive the trophy for the 10k, half marathon and marathon races.
  • There are special prizes for athletes in disability condition
  • The distance of the marathon is 42k and the half marathon is 21k"


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