These are the women who dominate the "street football"

What was once known as juggling the ball, today is considered "freestyle" football. Women dominate this discipline

These are the women who dominate the "street football"

Although the freestyle world is still disproportionate in terms of the balance between male and female practitioners, according to the website The Urban Pitch, the number of women who practice this discipline and/or art has been increasing. In addition, they have physical conditions that allow them to develop movement skills, which makes them more stylized than men.

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Latin America has players who dazzle with their skills, representing the quality that is developing on this side of the world. Among the most outstanding ones we mention the history of two of them:

Catalina Vega, from Chile

This Chilean player, only 23 years old and originally from Santiago de Chile, is one of the great Latin American exponents "freestyler" of the moment. The newspaper Ahora Noticias de Chile, notes that Vega is a practitioner of this discipline for seven years and that, in addition, he divides his time as a student of Physical Education.

Despite her young age, she is an experienced athlete who already has an enviable track record in the region, holding two Latin American championships. The first one was held in Brazil in 2017 and the second one recently in July this year in Bolivia, according to the Chilean newspaper Al Aire Libre. That same medium makes an interview with the Chilean and there, she describes how she develops her training every day to be physically and mentally fit.

Worldwide, according to the Bio Bio newspaper of Chile, she reports that she participated in the World Freestyle Masters, held last February in the city of Tokyo, reaching the quarterfinals, a position of great importance after being measured with the big of the Freestyle of the World. On the other hand, the next challenge is to qualify for the World Freestyle Championship, to be held in Warsaw, Poland next November.



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The representative of Venezuela, Laura Biondo 

Born in Venezuela and with European roots, Laura Biondo is undoubtedly one of the great reference athletes of the Freestyling of the World, who has inspired new generations of players internationally, as reviewed by the web portal of the Red Bull energy drink. In addition, she was awarded the ribbon as Ambassador of the World Freestyle Football Association, the highest regulatory body of the discipline, occupying the position of Administrator of the Women's Division, as reported by the Venezuelan newspaper El Pitazo.

The Venezuelan newspaper El Nacional highlights that it is the first Venezuelan that has five brands registered in the free Guinness Record for more pirouettes made in 60 seconds. In addition, Red Bull describes in its portal the track record of this talented player: Latin American Champion in Brazil 2014, European Champion in Brussels 2014, Champion of the 2015 World Superball Open, among other classifications and sub championships. She played football in Italy since he was 10 years old in the Foroni & Bardolino team, and then discovered this discipline, which he would love.

The news portal Diario Hispánico, notes that not only in the board has highlighted his skills, now he has done in the circus scene, joining the group Cirque du Soleil in the recent show called "Luzia", which has allowed him to show his skills with the ball. He recently reported his ranking to the next Red Bull Street Style World Championship on his personal Instagram account.



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