10 curiosities about makeup and costumes in Hollywood

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What do Halloween and Star Trek have in common? Do you know what the makeup and costume budget was for the Dallas Buyers Club? Know the answers and more in this article

10 curiosities about makeup and costumes in Hollywood

Part of the pleasure of watching movies is being able to see otherworldly characters on the screen and watch our favorite actors change from film to film and become totally different characters. This depends, in part, on the ability of those behind the screen to transform them.

For this, we bring you these curiosities about some of the films that have excelled in makeup and costumes. You will know, finally, how is the process behind the transformation of your favorite characters.

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The Wizard of Oz, 1939

Although now the make-up and costumes of The Wizard of Oz may seem very simple, at the time they were very innovative. According to the cinelix.com specialist portal, the tin man was originally going to be played by Buddy Ebsen, who was allergic to makeup and had to spend six weeks in the hospital.



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Planet of the Apes, 1968

John Chambers is the makeup artist of this now classic American film of pop culture. What many do not know is that Chambers worked in the CIA and collaborated in the mission to rescue American citizens in Iran, a mission that was taken to the screen in the movie Argo. Chambers was also a medical assistant in the Second World War and an expert in prosthetics and facial reconstructions. This is why he was chosen to transform the actors of Planet of the Apes.


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Halloween, 1978

A decade later, Halloween was released, a true horror film classic. Horror is a film genre that explores the art of makeup because it tries to make real things seem impossible. The funny thing is that, according to Cultura Inquieta, the mask used by Michael Myers in this movie is the same one used by Captain Kirk in the Star Trek series.


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The fly, 1986

Canadian director David Cronenberg is known for his graphic scenes. In this film, in which they show the grotesque transition from a man to a fly after a failed scientific experiment, the makeup process was the reverse of some narratives: first, the man / fly hybrid was created and then he went back to being human, which is how we see it at the beginning of the movie. This is a remake of an original version of 1958, being this movie superior in terms of makeup.


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Monster, 2003

In Monster, the beautiful Charlize Theron had to play the killer named Aileen Wuornos, therefore the actress was completely transformed. One of the tricks to changing his appearance was to use washable tattoo ink on her face. This made her skin look more worn. According to Cinelinx, the actress also had her hair aged and her eyebrows tinted.



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Hellboy, 2004

The Mexican Guillermo del Toro is known for his obsession with monsters and strange creatures. And he is also known for his meticulousness and resistance to using computerized effects. This is why Hellboy used makeup more than anything else to build his character and had nothing produced by computer!


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The curious case of Benjamin Button, 2008

This film narrates the life of a man who, instead of aging, becomes younger with time. In this story of inverted life, unlike other films on this list in which an absolute transformation is sought, it was necessary that although the character changed from old to young his main features were always maintained. This is why the director decided, almost contrary to del Toro, to mix between makeup and CGI technology (which translates to computer-created image) to characterize the change of Brad Pitt.


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Dallas Buyers Club, 2013

According to Cultura Inquieta, the budget of this film was supremely low, so much, that what corresponded to makeup and costumes were nothing more than $ 250. The funny thing is that this reached to give them an Oscar nomination for best makeup.


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The theory of everything, 2014

According to the aforementioned portal, Stephen Hawking was so moved by the film that was based on his life and his scientific contributions, that he donated his real voice and his signed thesis for his elaboration. Which gave the character more realistic features and also softened the producers.


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Gran Hotel Budapest, 2014

Wes Anderson likes to imagine other worlds and you can see his meticulousness with the fidelity of what he imagines in his films. In this film, Tilda SwIGNORE INTOn plays an extravagant octogenarian. In order to age it that way, it took five hours of makeup before shooting.



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