FIFA 19: Everything you need to know about the soundtrack

As of today, FIFA 19 will be available for video game consoles! We present the most outstanding songs of the soundtrack

FIFA 19: Everything you need to know about the soundtrack

From today, September 28, FIFA 19 will be available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. It will bring changes: the entry of the Argentine league, CR7 its now with the Juventus shirt, among others. But in addition to these developments, with this new version of the video game will come a new soundtrack.

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The video game platform works many times for artists to enter the public's mind without them realizing it. After a few weeks of listening to the artists in their favorite video games, the players will be singing the songs of the soundtrack. For this reason, the songs that will accompany the game tactics of the cracks of football go through a process of curatorship that aims to select music that goes hand in hand with football.



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The great hits of FIFA 19

The video game will feature songs of different genres and of different scope. Some were written exclusively for FIFA 19, others are already hits in the radio stations so far in 2018 and others, on the contrary, are not as well known. The variety is what characterizes the soundtrack of this game.

Among the most successful songs is "Feels Like Summer", by rapper Childish Gamino, who has reached world fame this year after the controversial video of his song "This is America" and that now in the summer brought us this song that EA Sports has decided to include in the video game.



Among the hits of FIFA 19 are also songs by the English band Gorillaz, American rapper Logic and the LSD group, which consists of Labrinth, Sia and, Diplo. All these artists launched new projects this year.

Gorillaz premiered his new album The Now Now in June, which is part of "Sorcererz", the song of the band that will play in the video game. For its part, Logic will also launch its Young Sinatra IV mixtape today, the fourth installment of the Young Sinatra series of albums.

Finally, LSD is itself a new project, as the group was born this year with the single "Genius", which can be played by FIFA 19 players. This video game has become a platform to gather the best of the new projects of artists and also to new groups. The players, then, will be able not only to practice their best moves but to update themselves in what were the most popular songs of the summer and so far this year.


Rhythms of the world in world football

This video game is already a worldwide phenomenon and is precisely due to its efforts to be as international as possible in terms of football, but also in musical terms. That's why, according to the EA Sports website, "FIFA 19 boasts 43 tracks representing more than 16 countries to create a unique international musical experience." The aforementioned page also says that the variety of genres, including English rock, Scottish hip-hop, Swedish post-punk, South Korean EDM, Colombian pop and Zimbabwe bangers, erases borders and presents new songs from superstars to the players of the world.

The African continent is represented by the track "Jackie Chan" by Bantu & Dr. Chaii (Zimbabwe) and by the song "Musika" by Yolanda Be Cool (Australia) ft. Kwanzaa Posse (South Africa).



Oceania is not left behind in football or music. Australia has a great presence in the soundtrack since it has four songs: the one mentioned by Yolanda Be Cool, "Out The Window" by Confidence Man, "City Looks Pretty" by Courtney Barnett, and "Violet City" by Mansionair. And New Zealand has a track: "Peach" by Broods.



Europe is the most represented continent: with a Scottish song, 19 English, 3 Nordic (two Swedish and one Norwegian), 2 Spanish, one German and one Italian, to complete 26 songs, a little more than half of the soundtrack.



The Asian continent has a theme: "It Makes You Forget (Itgehane)" by Peggy Gou. This South Korean artist, barely 28 years old, is an outstanding figure in electronic music and dance.



North America has 11 songs on the list: 10 Americans, including the great hits mentioned above, and a Canadian electronic duo Bob Moses, "Heaven Only Knows."



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And Latin America?

Our continent is gathered in two songs: One of them is " Porro Maracatú" of the group called LADAMA, which is composed of four women musicians and activists. These are Lara Klaus (Brazil), Daniela Serna (Colombia), Mafer Bandola (Venezuela) and Sara Lucas (United States).

These women have an organization through which they make activism through music as a form of expression in the English, Spanish and Portuguese languages and mix Caribbean music with influences from the American blues, the best of Latin America gathered in a single song!



The other song is "Pa'lante" by Lao Ra, artistic name of Laura Carvajalino. This Colombian that lives in London makes songs in English with the Caribbean and Latin American rhythms. For this occasion, EA Sports has chosen one of its songs in Spanish and it is the Colombian quota in this varied soundtrack.

You can listen to all the songs in this link.


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