Find out how much it would cost you to have a smart home

With the increasing popularity of home automation, it is worth wondering how much it could cost to improve your home with the latest technology

Find out how much it would cost you to have a smart home

The automation of housing has become increasingly popular. In fact, home automation generates more and more profits for the specialized companies, thanks to the latest technological advances.

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According to a CNBC report, between 2015 and 2016 there was a 64% increase in the shipment of devices for home automation worldwide. Moreover, according to Statista, the revenues of the home automation market worldwide were US $ 35 million in 2017 and it is projected that by 2022 revenues will reach approximately US $ 119 million.

It is to be expected, then, that in the future a large number of homes will be smart homes. Now, if you wanted to automate your home, as millions of people have been doing globally, do you know how much it would cost you?

Here we tell you some of the most popular implementations.

The first thing to keep in mind before buying any device is that it is not necessary to automate every room in your home, because, as is to be expected, the more places in your home you intend to automate, the more intelligent devices you will need and, therefore, more money you will have to spend.

Also, you should try to have a good Wi-Fi network. As a Forbes report points out, it is not necessary to have the newest router, but you should have one that is recent enough to be compatible with the latest technology. This will undoubtedly improve your experience with a smart home.

Control platforms

Independent of the spaces that you are going to make intelligent, you are going to need to decide the platform you will use to controls all the devices that you are going to buy.

Keep in mind that not all automation devices are compatible with each platform, so the one you decide to purchase will limit your future possibilities.

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According to Forbes, the most popular smart home control platforms are

  • Amazon Echo
  • Wink Connected Home Hub
  • Samsung Smart Things
  • Google Home

In addition to these assistants, it is worth mentioning the Apple HomePod, for its complete compatibility with other Apple devices such as iPhone or Mac. With the exception of the Wink Connected Home Hub (US $ 40) and the Apple HomePod (US $ 350), the rest of the platforms have an average cost of US $ 100.

The characteristics of each assistant are different, among which is the fact that both Amazon Echo and Google Home and Apple HomePod are platforms that cannot only be controlled from cell phone applications, but have voice control.


One of the most popular implementations in home automation are smart thermostats, which allow you to control the temperature of your home from anywhere, either using voice control (if it has that feature) or your cell phone.

Both USA Today and Forbes agree that one of the best options on the market is the Nest Thermostat, which learns your preferences and is able to read the location of your cell phone, in order to lower the temperature when you are not at home and save energy. This thermostat is priced at US $ 210.

Forbes also mentions the EcoBee3 thermostat, which controls the temperature of at least three rooms separately and is fully compatible with Alexa, Amazon's assistant. The EchoBee3 is priced at US $ 340.


Both Forbes and USA Today mention Phillips Hue smart light bulbs as the best on the market. These can be turned on or off by voice control directed to the home control platform and have a lifetime of up to 25.000 hours. The price of a package of four of these bulbs is US $ 185.

Smart locks

Your smart home needs a lock that can be controlled both by your voice (through a platform capable of it) and by your cell phone, which would allow you to schedule lock times for your door.

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The most popular smart lock is the August Smart Lock, which costs US $ 215. USA Today also mentions the US $ 180 Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt.

Ring bell with video

The last thing you need to have a smart home is a bell that has video and which you can answer from anywhere in your home, either from your cell phone or through the voice controlled platform.

According to USA Today, the best option on the market is the Ring Video Doorbell Pro, which has a cost of US $ 250.

Total cost

So, how much would it cost you to automate your home having at least each of these products?

If you decided to invest as little as possible, buying the Wink Connected Home Hub, the Nest Thermostat, a packet of Phillips Hue bulbs, a Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt lock and the Ring Video Doorbell Pro, you would be investing US $ 865.

All of this without the possibility of controlling your devices with your voice (as the Wink control platform does not have this feature), without having installed them, and without counting the costs of power and Wi-Fi network.


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