SOS: This is how Maduro tries to divert attention from the crisis in Venezuela

In recent days, Nicolás Maduro has given statements that show that the country is in an SOS state and that only seek to divert attention from the crisis

SOS: This is how Maduro tries to divert attention from the crisis in Venezuela

The international pressure and the threat of a US military intervention that President Nicolás Maduro has received as a result of the economic, social and political crisis that Venezuela is going through, have led him to make decisions and make hasty statements that only create more problems and demonstrate that the country is in an SOS state.

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Nationalize foreigners in his country

On September 25, while Venezuela was the central theme of the UN General Assembly, Maduro announced the nationalization of more than 8,000 foreigners, including 5,000 Colombians. These statements were made in a public act in front of several migrants and transmitted by TeleSur.

Is it an action to improve his foreign policy? No. In fact, everything would be an argument that the president used to then challenge Donald Trump asking him to legalize all the Latinos who live in his country. This as a response to the statements made by the US president in the UN General Assembly.

"I challenge the Government of the United States (...) I propose publicly to the United States Government to legalize and sign a decree establishing the roles and legality of all Latin Americans and Caribbeans living in the United States," Maduro said.

Later, the Venezuelan president announced his presence in the United Nations, and with it the possible meeting with Trump to perhaps negotiate in this a way out of the situation in his country.

But the meeting with Trump was not made. The arguments were that for reasons of agenda, the US president could not do it, according to a statement from the White House to the EFE agency. Therefore, the change in relations between the United States and Venezuela remained in a limbo.

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"Venezuela stronger than ever"

Nicolás Maduro's speech delivered at the UN General Assembly focused, in large part, on showing a Venezuela that, in the words of the Chavez president, "has withstood all attacks from different countries, economic sanctions and more."

He also said that "despite historical, ideological and social differences, I would be willing to shake hands and dialogue with Trump, I am willing to talk with an open agenda on all the issues that he want to talk about (...) We believe in political dialogue, such as way to solve conflicts ." His words, in the background, can mean a sign for help to solve the reality of his country.

However, to clear up any suspicion of a SOS state, in the development of his speech he ignored the migratory reality faced by millions of Venezuelans, saying that "an attempt has been made to focus on a pretended migratory crisis in Venezuela to justify what has been announced for years: an intervention."

"A file has been built against our country to pretend a humanitarian crisis to justify a coalition of countries, led by the US and its satellite governments, to put our hand in our country. They intend to divert the real migratory crises that exist in the world, "he added.

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"Iván Duque, I challenge you"

In his eagerness to divert the attention of his country, Nicolás Maduro challenged the president of Colombia, Iván Duque, to a debate in which they would discuss the problems that both territories face.

"I could have a debate, what happens is that he is afraid of me, Iván Duque is afraid of me, I challenge him to a public debate whenever he wants, as he likes Washington or New York a lot we can do it in the United States", said Maduro on TeleSur.

"If you want a debate on the issues of Colombia and Venezuela, we are going to do it, we meet and we transmit it live and direct, in a chain in Colombia and Venezuela so that everyone can see it (...) I am not afraid of it to that, I challenge you, I challenge Iván Duque to a public debate," he insisted.

"He has the order of the gringos not to talk to the Venezuelan government, so it has not been possible to have relations of normal dialogue and diplomacy until now. It is foolish, and how do we do it? How is it done with 2,200 kilometers of border if the governments do not speak?", added the Venezuelan president.

This could mean another attempt by Maduro to give solutions to Venezuela's problems by improving relations with Colombia. However, his lack of diplomacy, demonstrated in the tone he uses to refer to the leaders of neighboring countries, messed everything, creating a cloud of uncertainty for millions of Venezuelans who pray for their country to return to stability.


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