David Beckham prepares for his debut at the Inter Miami

The English legend wants to give a blow of authority in the MLS with his new team, although he still has to overcome great obstacles to make his debut in 2020

David Beckham prepares for his debut at the Inter Miami

At the beginning of 2018, Major League Soccer (MLS) of the United States announced the official creation of the franchise that had bought the former English footballer David Beckham along with some partners for four years for an approximate value of 25 million dollars. However, it was until September that more specific details of the new club were release, and that will be based in the city of Miami.

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The name of the team is the International Miami Soccer Club, abbreviated as Inter Miami CF. The colors of the club are the neon pink, which is characteristic of Miami, black and white. Its shield consists of the name of the club, an eclipse, two herons that with their interlaced legs form an M and the Roman numerals "MMXX", which refer to 2020, the year in which they will debut in the MLS.

South American touch

One of the main concerns of Beckham and his associates was to create a club that would blend in with the identity of the people of Miami, which is largely Latin American. "Our name pays homage to the inclusion that makes us who we are. Our city and our followers derive their strength from the dreams of a globalized population called Miami," said Jorge Mas, managing owner of Inter Miami CF, in statements collected by ESPN.

It is in this way that Inter Miami CF was constructing features such as its shield based on Latin American culture, especially the South American culture. "I've always been very attracted to the logos of ancient South American shields and their colors. That was what I considered most important for this logo because although it is true that we are a new team, it is also true that we are a city with a lot of history," said Beckham on the club's new social networks. "We wanted to incorporate the originality and South American flavor, but with a modern touch, because that's what Miami is about, " added the English superstar.



The complication of its stage

While it is true that the project of the owners of Inter Miami is that the franchise debuts in the MLS in 2020, they still have to overcome some important obstacles such as the construction of their own stadium to make this goal possible.

According to the newspaper AS, the construction of the stadium, which will be called Miami Freedom Park, is conditioned because the sector selected for the construction is the golf course Melreese Country Club, which is owned by the city. The drawback arises because this public sector is being leased without a prior bidding contest in which the highest bidder wins, so the club would be violating Articles 29A and 29B of the Miami Constitution.

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Therefore, Beckham and his partners began maneuvers to build their stadium in that sector of the city, which is located next to the Miami International Airport. According to The Architects Newspaper, the owners of Inter Miami CF convinced the city commissioners to give free rein to a vote on November 6 in which the inhabitants will be able to decide whether or not to authorize the modification of the law of bidding for spaces public. If the modification is approved, there will have to be a new acceptance of the Commission so that Beckham and its partners can rent the sector for 3.58 million dollars a year in a 99-year contract.

According to information from the newspaper AS, the Miami Freedom Park, which will cost around 73 million dollars, will have 25 thousand seats, in addition to a sports complex composed of 23 acres of soccer fields for the general public, a park of 58 acres , a hotel with 750 rooms, shops, restaurants and offices. In addition, club members would donate 20 million dollars to the city for the activation of the sports complex, which could generate approximately 11,000 jobs in Miami in 10 years.



Plantel of stars

There is no doubt that, being the popular David Beckham one of the owners of Inter Miami, opens the possibility that the club fiche players and renowned technicians. "We have a preliminary list of five technicians, who are extremely recognized figures, with whom we have talked. At the same time, there are several players who have called Beckham to express their interest in belonging to this club and MLS, players who are recognized figures around the world, " said Jorge Mas in an interview with ESPN

Several media have shuffled the names of Guillermo Barros Schelotto, Gary Neville, Fabio Capello, Gabriel Milito, and Matias Almeyda to direct from the bench of Inter Miami, and the names of Cristiano Ronaldo, Gerard Piqué, Zlatan Ibrahimović, Antonio Valencia, `Nani', Falcao García, Wayne Rooney and even Antoine Griezmann to make up a star team. "If Beckham wants me in his club, then I'll go," said the French superstar of Atlético de Madrid, Antoine Griezmann, in an interview with L'Équipe. Inter Miami and its owners, especially Beckham, will make sure to form a new team of great power and recognition worldwide.


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