Madrid vs New York: Where will the Champions' final be?

The controversial idea that the UEFA Champions League final takes place outside European territory is gaining strength, but what do experts think of this?

Madrid vs New York: Where is the Champions final?

Since September, the idea of ​​the UEFA Champions League final in New York has shaken the soccer world. Jaume Roures, president of Mediapro, is the one who has promoted this initiative that would be really innovative and exotic for soccer. In declarations granted to Partidazo de COPE, Roures said that New York would be a bombshell.

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Then he explained to the same media that it is something that is being studied and that it is more preposterous to play a final of the European Super Cup in Tallinn. However, the president of UEFA, Aleksander Ceferin, denied this possibility through a statement. "This idea is not being discussed at all, there are no plans to organize the Champions League final outside of Europe," Ceferin said.

Opinions for and against this idea

Soccer analyst Steve Nicol said on ESPN FC that he does not agree with a Champions League final outside of Europe. "This is terrible and stupid, it's not possible that the most important final game in world soccer will be played in New York," Nicol said. For his part, Brian Mcbride argued in the same media that it would be wonderful to play this game, but the Europeans disagree.

"It would be very important for American soccer, since there are no problems in the country and sales would sold out," Macbride said. In turn, the commentator Gabriele Marcotti said he does not like teams from other leagues to play in different countries and continents. "It's totally unnecessary, it's not the Super Bowl, and I do not see any sense in the development of this meeting in New York," Marcotti said.

However, the UEFA must decide next year where the final commitment for the continental club title in 2021 will be developed. Mediapro, a company led by Jaume Roures, is in charge of the rights and to carry out the incidents of the Champions League .

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The MDZ Online portal published that the final of the Champions will be held in 2019 in the Wanda of Madrid, and the 2020 will be held in Istanbul. Undoubtedly, this topic has generated controversy, since there are many people who are in favor and there are others in total disagreement. In the ESPN Sports program, analyst Roger Valdivieso said that where there is money, everything is viable, but he believes that it is disrespecting the fans.

"It is a nonsense and a lack of respect for fans of European teams that would have to cross the Atlantic Ocean," said Valdivieso. Thus, many versions have been woven. However, the fact is that the president of UEFA already denied this fact.

How was this idea born?

First, and according to Financial Play, this idea was born as a way to avoid capacity problems, such as those that occurred in Kiev. On that occasion, the Ukrainian capital did not have the capacity to welcome each of the fans who traveled to the site to witness the event. It was also thought to promote this continental competition internationally. From there, the Miami and Doha options were born.

For its part, the Americans seek to promote elite events linked to world soccer by the great enthusiasm that is everywhere. Due to this, a match of the Spanish League and the final of the UEFA Champions League emerge as strategies to carry out its objectives.

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