Fashion Week: This 4 runways will blow your mind

Scenarios and garments come together to bring the most iconic fashion shows of these weeks, know them here

Fashion Week: 4 runways that blow your mind

That's right, not everything is fashion in the different's fashion's weeks. The brands have with each catwalk the challenge of showing their new designs and fabrics in such a way as to set trends. For this, it is not enough to show us their new collections, but the way to exhibit them must convince us, seduce us, impress us.

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That is why each catwalk is a performance, a composition that each brand designs and directs for its audience. The stage, then, is a fundamental part of the staging that makes up a catwalk. We bring you the most impressive catwalk scenarios of this year's fashion weeks.

Stella McCartney at the Palais Garnier

The Paris Opera or Palazzo Garnier is one of the most representative buildings in the city. It is a reference of the Parisian architecture of the nineteenth century, it was inaugurated in 1875 and designed in empire style by the architect Charles Garnier (hence its name). A curiosity of this construction is that although it is popularly known as Opera Garnier, it is not an Opera. It ceased to be so in 1989 when the opera company moved from headquarters. Now it is the home of the National Academy of Music.

Stella McCartney used this incredible palace for the presentation of her Summer 2019 collection during the Paris Fashion Week on October 2. The minimalist attire of the design house contrasted with the interior of the palace, decorated with rococo ornaments, chandeliers that hung from the high ceilings, mosaics, and paintings on the walls. Stella McCartney has made clear, without a doubt, with this new scenario, which has entered the world of haute couture a while ago.



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Balenciaga in a digital tunnel

Saint-Denis is a French commune in the suburbs north of Paris. It is an industrial zone that has become residential in recent years. In the glamorous week of fashion, there are usually no scenarios in the suburbs and much less in this one, full of industrial wineries and far from the large and elegant palaces. This was not a problem but rather an attraction for the Balenciaga brand, which installed a tunnel of curved led screens to cover the catwalk of its Spring / Summer 2019 collection. According to Fashion United, the author of this installation is Canadian digital artist Jon Raffman, who also directed the images that the public saw during the parade.

This scenario is in tune with the tone that Demna Gvasalia, creative director of the firm, has given to the brand in recent years. In this collection were futuristic designs, garments with very straight angles, unicolor and without prints. This goes hand in hand with the brand's interest in reaching the younger audience, which will be precisely the public of the future. According to Fashion United, the firm also continues experimenting with 3D clothing, with which it had already presented a collection. Thus, Balenciaga is undoubtedly a brand that seeks new ways of making clothes and new ways of presenting it to its audience.



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SavagexFenty in a fake jungle

The Brooklyn Navy Yard is an industrial complex in Brooklyn, New York. This was the ideal scenario to set up a fake jungle inside an industrial warehouse. This sylvan scenery was mixed with elements of the real scenario: pipes and worn walls. The idea according to Rihanna, the SavagexFenty designer, said for the New York Times, was "to mix the organic with the futuristic". And so it was because both scenarios became one for the presentation of her lingerie line.

The nature combined with the industrial is in tune with the objective of this brand, which is to celebrate all female bodies (that is why the evocation of nature and naturalness) using inclusive discourse, very much of these days and of the days to come.

But nature was not reflected only in the simulated leaves inside the parade, but in the parade itself, which used a choreography of contemporary dance allusive to animal movements to display the garments. Thus, SavexFenty mixes nature and future in its garments but also in the exhibition of these.



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Roll in the rain garden of the East Village

The East Village is a neighborhood that is part of Manhattan, where many fashion shows are usually held in the New York fashion week, capturing much of the glamor of the city. What made the Angelina Rodarte brand parade special, however, is that it took place in an outdoor garden. Shrubs full of roses were planted for this unconventional catwalk and on the day of the parade, it rained, which did not stop the brand from carrying out the presentation of its spring/summer 2019 collection and rather gave a touch of delicacy to the Show.

The flowers and colors of the flora of the garden were in tune with the pastel colors that reigned in the garments. The dresses, moreover, were flowered like garden roses, as the textures have bulged and the fabrics were made up of veils that gave them more volume while they looked more delicate. The sisters Kate and Lauren Mulleavy demonstrate they are returning to the New York Fashion Week that the stages should be in tune with the garments, in this case, both were a fairy tale.



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