How much money football teams receive playing at the Champions?

The maximum tournament of football clubs in Europe continues to grow, and in this edition 2018-19, it will spend a large sum of money in prizes

How much money football teams receive playing at the Champions?

On September 18 the UEFA Champions League returned. Considered the most important club tournament in the world,  this season starts a new distribution of money in prizes even higher than the previous edition, with a total of 1950 million euros, according to the newspaper As.

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This increase in awards is due to an agreement between UEFA and the Association of European Clubs (ECA) for the three editions of the Champions League from the current one, reports Mundo Deportivo. The difference of the money distributed between the Champions League 2018-2019 compared to the previous one, is 53.7% according to the newspaper As, which means 700 million euros more for this edition.

Awards for participation

According to the Goal website review, just for having qualified for the Champions, the team will receive 15.25 million euros. In the group stage, each victory will be 2.7 million, while a draw will distribute 900 thousand euros to each club. This means that the team that wins the six games of the group stage, will accumulate 16.2 million. Already to qualify for the round of 16, UEFA will grant 9.5 million. 10.5 million if the club reaches the quarterfinals. 12 million in the semifinal and 15 million in the finalists. The champion will be added four million, so he would get 19 million euros, according to Goal.

In case of winning all the group stage matches, the champion would accumulate up to 82.4 million euros in prizes, which is almost double what some of the participating teams are valued, such as the Red Star of Belgrade (that did not qualify to the Champions for 26 years). According to Transfermarkt, the team has a staff valued at 43.9 million euros.

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Other income

However, we must add the 292 million euro (15% of the total) stock that will be distributed by UEFA for 'market pool', which according to As consists in a system of distribution of money for the television rights of each country and the club's performance in their league. That is, the soccer federation of each country that has a club representing it in the Champions League, will give money to the team according to the number of matches played in the tournament and the position that was left in the previous league to qualify for this edition of the Champions, thanks to the income for television rights in that country.

In addition, there is another source of money that will be implemented for the first time this Champions League, called 'historical ranking'. Under this concept € 528 million will be distributed, but 32 million is the most you can get a team for this mode and will be conducted by UEFA, where the teams will be ranked by the number of Champions won and historical results in this tournament , so only the big clubs would benefit, according to Mundo Deportivo.


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