Do you want to be rich? Start collecting items!

Collecting cartoons or sporting goods are just some options to be rich through a collection

Do you want to be rich? Start collecting items!

Collecting objects is a common practice that extends beyond the meticulous care of professional collectors. Whether taken as a hobby or as a spontaneous practice, collecting objects has a nostalgic character with which people relate at one level or another.

The collections that exist today go through anything imaginable, basically, because the interest in memorabilia, as well as a turn towards nostalgia and longing for past times, has taken over the market, making them collect from works of art, something very common, even postcards or cans of food.

In order to know what to collect at present, experts can be contacted, who, located in a thin line between historians and sales experts, will determine the market price of some object in relation to its history and the recognition it has within popular culture. However, to know what to collect it is also possible to go to the objects that at this moment are considered the most valuable in this small world.

Popular entertainment

In 2009, the well-known BBC presenter, Jonathan Ross, offered a copy of the first issue of Amazing Spiderman for Comic Relief, a British charity foundation. As reported by The Telegraph at the time, this copy is valued at about £ 40,000, that is, more than USD $50,000.

This cost, which at first sight may seem exorbitant for a copy of a comic, is inserted within a wide panorama of valuable specimens of recognized characters Captain America, Batman and some independents like Spawn. The sellmycomicbooks.com portal is specialized in evaluating each issue, from the rarest to the most common.


This term of Anglo-Saxon origin has served to name a large part of the objects that usually attract the interest of collectors or that, in some way, as time passes, acquire a greater value in the market. As you can understand, memorabilia can be anything, although generally, these objects tend to be grouped IGNORE INTO thematic axes of some kind, which allow the collector to relate and identify with them. One of the most valuable examples of memorabilia was the great collection of trophies, medals, and distinctions of the football star, Pele. In 2016, the Brazilian star put on auction a large collection of his football treasures accumulated throughout his career, which were put on sale by the company Julien's Auctions. As reported by the BBC at the time, the auction came to collect 4.8 million dollars.

Although this type of collection does not usually remain in the hands of a single person, it can be an incentive for collectors: to pursue strange or high historical value elements of great sports figures or entertainment.

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Historical objects

The Bible that Johannes Gutenberg printed at the end of the 15th century is considered one of the jewels of print for collectors of books around the world. The printing of the so-called bible of 42 lines marked the beginning of the printing era and, moreover, the literary and ideological revolution that the West would later see throughout the Renaissance and beyond. The last sale was made in an auction in 1978, where the buyer Bernard Breslauer bought a perfect copy for 2.2 million dollars, according to the New York Times at the time, this is a scandalous figure.

Both books and any object of high historical relevance, are currently coveted and have a high value in the market. However, collectors have also turned their attention to more easily accessible objects, such as old portraits of ordinary people, old advertising posters or objects of more or less limited editions.

If you want to start collecting, you should keep in mind these three factors:

  1. Evaluate the ease of having more than one object. Unless they are quite rare objects, such as those mentioned above, it is better than your collection is based on more or less easy objects to get, so you can have a good amount. From there to get strange objects there is only one step.
  2. Accept the help of experts. Currently, there are a lot of people who dedicate their lives to collect or estimate the prices of collectibles, so a little professional help always improves the picture.
  3. Have a record. The majority of collections that are currently valued in large amounts of money were compiled after years of patience and constant search and research. The best thing to collect is to have patience, perseverance and a lot of time.


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