Halloween DIY: 5 costumes for your pet

Go ahead and dress your pets! We show you some ideas that you can do yourself from home or easily find

Halloween DIY: 5 costumes for your pet

If you love to pamper your pet and include it in all your plans, Halloween can not be the exception, disguise it with these 5 ideas. This day is perfect to take him out for a walk and ask for croquettes in your neighborhood or nearby vets.

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We present you with fun options that you can do at home or find easily:

1. Unicorn

To disguise your unicorn pet begins taking the measure of your head, you can do it with a bow. Buy foamy with glitter for the horn, small cloth flowers that you find in some shop, and white and pink felt for the ears.


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  • Cut the foamy into thick strips and roll it into a cone shape, at the end stick with silicone to secure it.
  • Draw the ears as shown in the image on the felt, cut them out and glue them with silicone.
  • Glue the horn, flowers, and ears to the head size tape.

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If you want to put it a tutu, take the measure of your waist and buy fabric for tulle in double its size:

  • Sew or stick a 3-centimeter border
  • Enter a loop around the size of your pet's waist
  • Pull the loop so that it is in the shape of a circular skirt

2. Lord cat

A very simple option is to put a tie to your cat.


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  • Print a tie in an appropriate size and cut it off the edge
  • Get a piece of checkered or striped fabric
  • Draw the shape of the tie on the fabric and cut it out
  • Fold the top part up a bit and sew or paste it
  • Insert the edge on your cat's collar or on a ribbon that combines

Your cat will be ready to be the most handsome of the night!

3. Superhero

Dress up your hero or villain super mascot, get inspired by the colors of famous people to give it a thematic touch.


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  • Print a mask mold in an appropriate size to your face
  • Buy felt of the color you want
  • Draw the mask on the felt and cut out
  • Open two holes on each side of the mask and put a ribbon

For the layer take a piece of cloth the size of your dog, tie a knot in the neck and go!


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4. Batcat

This is a fun way to disguise your cat, especially if it is black.


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  • Print some bat wings and cut them out
  • Buy foamy or felt in black
  • Draw on top of what you bought the wings and cut them off
  • Take the measurement of your cat's body
  • Glue the wings on a black ribbon or rubber

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Your feline is ready to be the most terrifying!

5. Princess

You can dress your dog or princess cat, you only need to borrow a doll or girl dress that fits your pet. Put diamonds with glue for crafts on the forehead, they are not toxic or will damage your hair.


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Do not forget to buy her pumpkin and take lots of pictures!


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