Do you know why Brazil and Argentina dominate the Copa Libertadores? Here we present you the reasons

There seems to be no rivals on the continent to lower their position to the clubs of these two countries. The trend is marked many years ago.

Do you know why Brazil and Argentina dominate the Copa Libertadores? Here we present you the reasons

The Copa Conmebol Libertadores is one of the most attractive soccer events on the planet, however, there is a point that has made lose some interest in it. This is due to the dominance that the Brazilian and Argentine teams have imposed in the final instances of the event, a trend that is repeated year after year and that, in this 2018, returns to present itself.

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Things have not changed because in the recently culminated quarterfinals of the so-called "eternal glory", four clubs from Argentina played: Boca Juniors, Atlético Tucumán, River Plate and Independiente; three from Brazil: Cruzeiro, Palmerias, Gremio, and just one from Chile: Colo-Colo who gave the big surprise in the previous phase when he eliminated another favorite, the Brazilian Corinthians.

Now, why is the dominance of these two nations in the Liberators so great? Based on the deployment of a detailed analysis, LatinAmerican Post will give you the answers.

This is the story

It is no secret that the richest teams in terms of football tradition and culture in South America are Argentina and Brazil. Only with reviewing the soccer world cup, between both 7 cups are distributed.

On the other hand, only in Copa Libertadores, an event that has been played since 1960 and has held 58 editions, according to the official website of Conmebol, there are 24 times in which an Argentine has won and 18 a Brazilian, which represents more than 70 percent won by these two, leaving only 16 titles distributed among the other eight participating countries, really a low figure.

It is more, and as it relates the winners of the Cup, of the last 10 editions if we count this that is played in 2018, where surely the glory will be for some cast of these two homelands, it was just that almighty National Athletic teacher Reinaldo Rueda, in the 2016 edition, the cast that could get in the middle of this duopoly and keep the joy for Colombia.

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Hierarchy and internal competitiveness

Another aspect that contributes exponentially to these clubs imposing conditions in the Libertadores, is the hierarchy that gives them the possibility of playing in Leagues much more competitive than the rest of the continent, which although they have made an important effort to grow and they do it daily, they still lack the plus that these two have.

As the portal of La Nación de Argentina points out, it is a thing of hierarchy, and it is so, that up to 14 finals have played among them. "The final of 2017 between Lanús and Gremio represented the decisive fourteenth duel of this pair in the final instance. With a clear advantage for Argentine teams that prevailed in nine opportunities ". If the crosses return to play with fortune, it is not surprising that the 15th final match will be held in 2018.

Expensive Payrolls

It is clear that the more cost a payroll has, the better the players are and therefore the closer they get to victory, a premise that is practiced by both Southerners and Amazonians. BBC Mundo says in one of its articles, that of the most expensive equipment in the continent, seven of them are distributed between Argentina and Brazil, and the other three are Mexican, a country that for several years has not played in the Libertadores.

In this list, Corinthians is the first with a cost of 462 million dollars. Palmeiras (424 million US $) and Gremio (313 million US $) follow. Sixth and seventh are River (219 million US $) and Boca (213 million US $) respectively and close the Inter list of Porto Alegre (201 million US $) and Flamengo (175 million US $).

New record on the horizon

We can understand why the reality that is lived in the most important football fight in the American subcontinent, which would also be close to reaching a record in terms of direct confrontations between teams of these two sides soccer. As noted by the Argentine Clarin, although in 2017 the record was broken with 28 official clashes between teams in a country in what corresponds to Libertadores and Suramericana, 2018 does not seem to be behind.

"In South American and Libertadores Copas already more than 20 games were disputed and before the power of this equipment, surely much more are to come, a reality that could mark the rupture of a new record to impose by the two powers of America".


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